10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

There are truly legendary characters in Marvel Comics, but at the same time, there are some really weird Marvel Comics characters to match. While there are All-American heroes and industrial millionaires saving the world, the idea of a teenager bitten by a radioactive spider is not actually that weird when compared to his contemporaries.

There are talking pigs and ducks that fight crime, a bubbly girl who is able to communicate with squirrels, living planets and giant majestic trees... It seems that the creators at Marvel Comics left no stone unturned.

Here is a look at the weirdest Marvel Comics characters of all-time.

10. Howard The Duck


It seems almost hard to believe with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the very first Marvel live-action movie to ever hit theaters was Howard the Duck. As most True Believers know, Howard is an alien hatched on the planet of Duckworld who ended up on Earth, where he became a private investigator.

The comics really stretched things as Howard the Duck ended up actually running for President of the United States. Howard was at his best, and weirdest, when written by creator Steve Gerber, a man who understood he was meant to be satire. The movie, though, turned Howard the Duck into one of the weirdest Marvel Comics characters to ever exist.

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9. Squirrel Girl

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

Squirrel Girl went from being one of the weirdest Marvel Comics characters to being a role model and fan favorite thanks to her new TV show Marvel Rising. First appearing in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 2 #8, Squirrel Girl was a young hero who could communicate with squirrels. She ended up joining the Great Lakes Avengers before relocating to New York City.

So, what is notable about this weird Marvel Comics character? Well, she has beaten Thanos, although only The Watcher knows how that happened. She also beat Doctor Doom by directing her squirrel friends onto him. Squirrel Girl is actually unbeatable, and that might be her true superpower.


10 weirdest marvel comic characters

MODOK is a classic Captain America villain created by A.I.M. MTV reported that he was originally supposed to appear in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier but was cut and replaced with Alexander Pierce. That was likely a smart idea because MODOK might be way too weird for Marvel Comics to put into a movie.

MODOK is basically a giant head with little bitty arms and legs who needs a flying chair to get him around. Honestly, the best use of a character this weird was his most memorable appearance as one of the main villains on The Super Hero Squad Show.

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7. Spider-Ham

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

The world is about to meet the glorious and weird Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. Of course, both Marvel Comics fans and fans of Spider-Man cartoons already know who this strange little piggy is.

Created in 1983 by Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong, Spider-Ham was just supposed to be a parody, similar to Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo-Crew. However, over the years, this weird Marvel Comics character turned into something more and was given his own parallel Marvel Universe. He was in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and will next be in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse theatrical movie in December.

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6. Beta Ray Bill

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

In 1983, Thor was on a mission in outer space and ended up battling an alien named Beta Ray Bill. The fight went to a standstill and Thor was separated from Mjolnir for 60 seconds, reverting to Donald Blake. Bill picked up the cane, struck it on the ground, and suddenly gained the powers of Thor — meaning that Beta Ray Bill was the first non-Norse figure deemed worthy to wield the power.

It was a striking difference, of course; replacing Thor with a humanoid alien-being with the face of a horse. However, Bill became very popular and kept his powers, using Stormbreaker rather than Mjolnir when Thor returned. Thor: Ragnarok also paid homage to Bill with a statue outside the Grandmaster's arena.

5. Lockjaw

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

Lockjaw is a very weird Marvel Comics character that makes little sense in the grand scheme of things. The Inhumans are former humans who gained powers due to Kree Terrigen Mists. However, in the case of Lockjaw, he isn't a human: he is a giant teleporting bulldog.

Lockjaw isn't an Inhuman but was instead born on Attilan due to the Inhumans experimentation on dogs. He ended up as the pet of the royal family but is also a protector with a close relationship with both Black Bolt and Crystal. At five-feet in height and weighing over 1,240 pounds, he is much more than just another superhero pet.

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4. Groot

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

Groot might be the most famous and popular of the weird Marvel Comics characters. The Guardians of the Galaxy member and best buddy to fellow weird superhero Rocket Raccoon, Groot is basically a giant tree. Fans got to fall in love with him in Guardians of the Galaxyonly to have their hearts broken when he perished saving his friends.

However, what makes Groot even weirder is that he was able to regrow from a twig that Rocket secured. It wasn't the same Groot, however — he was a new Groot who grew into an adult to start life anew. Add in the fact that he can only say "I am Groot" and he is definitely one of the most bizarre creations in the Marvel Universe.

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3. Ego

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

When the word came that James Gunn was bringing Ego The Living Planet to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, many Marvel Comics fans tried to figure out how he was going to make it happen. When the movie came out, it was simple as Gunn cast Kurt Russell to play Ego posing as a humanoid character to influence Peter Quill.

With that said, the Ego from the comics is one of the weirdest Marvel Comics characters ever created. Sure, the movie showed the immense Ego as a planet in the final fight, but in the comics, that's all Ego is: a giant planet floating through space, with a goatee.

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2. Mojo

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

Mojo is a very weird Marvel Comics character that is from a planet named Mojoworld, which exists in a dimension known as the Mojoverse. He is spineless (literally) and uses mechanical legs to carry his body around. He is also a villain who loves to make life hell for the X-Men.

What really makes this character weird is that he is basically a satire of television network executives. His people are addicted to the gladiator-fighting programs that he creates, and kidnaps heroes from the mainstream Marvel Universe to take part in these shows against their will — usually without them even knowing.

1. Doop

10 weirdest marvel comic characters

There have been a ton of weird Marvel Comics characters that have been part of the X-Men team. However, none of them really hold a candle to the strange mutant known as Doop. First appearing in 2001 in the pages of X-Force #116, Doop is a green floating creature who speaks his own weird language.

X-Statix #21 reveals that Doop was a product of the Cold War military experimentation. He went on to work as a videographer for X-Statix as they sought celebrity status. How weird is Doop? When his brain exploded in the pages of X-Statix, he luckily had a backup brain located in his butt.

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