10 The Walking Dead Characters Who Are Dead In The Comics

The Walking Dead has been fairly loyal to the comic books in certain areas but has wildly veered from the books in others. Funny enough, one of the most popular characters in the series has never appeared a single time in the comics. Meanwhile, certain key characters from the books have now passed on in the show while they are still the main characters in the books — specifically Carl Grimes.

However, there are also a number of characters in the comic books that passed on but are still alive and going strong in the television series. At least two of these characters are drastically different than they were portrayed in the comics. With such major changes between the two forms of entertainment, here are 10 The Walking Dead characters who are dead in the comics but are still plugging along on TV.

10. Ezekiel

Fans of Ezekiel should be very scared for the former King of the Kingdom. Or, maybe, the fact that they have drastically changed his story on the show might mean that fans of Ezekiel from the comics should be happy to see where his character will end up on The Walking Dead TV show.

Ezekiel is a Walking Dead character who is dead in the comics, falling at the hands of the Whisperers — the same villains who just appeared on the TV show. However, in the comics, he was the lover of Michonne. Nowadays, though, he is with Carol and the two of them might be replacing Rick and Andrea's roles from the comics on the series.

9. Carol

If there is any character on The Walking Dead that received a total and complete makeover, it is Carol. She is a Walking Dead character who is dead in the comics—due to her never overcoming depression after numerous rejections—leaving her daughter without a mother. However, on the TV show, it was Andrea who took on the role of the doomed survivor.

Crazily, that caused major changes throughout the series. In the comics, Andrea was Rick's lover, a role that Michonne took on in the TV series. That also meant that Michonne and Ezekiel never hooked up, and that ended up going to Carol's character. Carol was never a great character in the comics in any way, but she has become a rock on the TV series.

8. Judith

Judith on The Walking Dead

There was one scene in the comic books that could never happen on a television series — not even one as hardcore as The Walking Dead. At the prison, the survivors were gathered together and faced an attack by The Governor and his troops. Lori had already delivered baby Judith and in the attack, she grabbed her baby and ran for her life. Unfortunately, this only led her and her child to be cut down during the Governor's attack.

It was terrible and destroyed Rick Grimes for a long time. In the TV show, there was no way that would pass the censors so they changed it. Instead, Lori gave birth but then passed away due to complications. Judith, on the other hand, not only lived but grew up to take Carl's place after the ninth season's flash forward.

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7. Morgan

Morgan is an interesting character. He originally appeared as one of the first characters that Rick Grimes met. Later, the two met and Morgan was insane after losing his family. He then returned to the TV show as a pacifist who wanted to just live in peace. Now, though, he is on the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead.

However, he is a Walking Dead character who is dead in the comics and never made it past the 82nd issue. This followed an attack on Alexandria by a group called the Scavengers (not the same group as the ones on the TV show), where he passed away due to an infection after a zombie bite, despite an amputation to try to save his life.

6. Rosita

TWD S7 2nd Half Rosita and Eugene

Rosita is still alive and kicking, as is her old friend Eugene...at least for now. The two ended up in danger thanks to the arrival of the Whisperers. In the comic books, Eugene is now the only member of Team Abraham that is still alive.

On the other hand, Rosita is a Walking Dead character who is dead in the comics, but before her passing, she ended up pregnant. That made the attack by the Whisperers so devastating as they were who took her down. The TV series looks like it might reverse the roles as Eugene is the one missing after the Whisperers attack.

5. Father Gabriel

Gabriel The Walking Dead Mercy

It is almost shocking to know that Father Gabriel is still somehow alive and kicking on The Walking Dead. He was one of the most loathsome characters when he was introduced as a preacher who locked out his congregation during a Walker attack and let them perish. He then had many times where he should have fallen; from his stand with Negan to an infection that almost destroyed his sight.

Through it all, Father Gabriel is still somehow alive. In the comics, he fell in the Whisperers attack as he tried to warn everyone, but fell from a water tower and ended up hanging upside down where Beta found him, gutted him, and left him for the Walkers.

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4. Scott

Scott first appeared in The Walking Dead TV series in season six as part of Alexandria. He was part of Heath's team and was one of the runners for the community before Rick's team showed up. While Heath disappeared and Nicholas fell hard, Scott actually remained alive on the TV show and was last seen this season as part of the Alexandria community.

However, Scott is a Walking Dead character who is dead in the comics, and he actually only lasted for eight issues. He was also a runner but he broke his leg in an accident the first time that he appeared. He then passed away from an infection from that injury — a low-key moment that makes his long-term survival on TV seem strange.

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3. Kal

Kal on The Walking Dead

Kal is a member of the Hilltop Colony on the television version of The Walking Dead and was first introduced when Jesus brought Rick and company to their gates. He is a loyal member of the community and even turned on Gregory to stand by his people when he learned that their former leader was siding with the Saviors. Kal is now a defense instructor at the Hilltop.

Kal, however, never lasted in the comic books, though. Instead, Negan ordered one of the members of the Saviors to shoot Kal when he tried to stop them from invading the Hilltop during the All-Out War. He was one of the many Walking Dead characters who died in the comics during that battle.

2. Sherry

Sherry on The Walking Dead

The character of Dwight has received some major changes from the comic books to the TV series. In both versions, he betrayed Negan and helped rick and company win. However, in The Walking Dead comics, he stuck with Rick and became his right-hand man. In the TV show, Daryl told him to leave and never come back or he would end him.

The big difference is Sherry: Dwight's wife that Negan stole from him. In the TV show, Dwight received a note that made him realize she was still alive and he set out to find his happily ever after. However, that did not happen in the comic books, where she completely broke things off with Dwight. She eventually attacked Rick Grimes, demanding he release the Saviors from his network and he shoved her away, causing her to fall, break her neck, and perish.

1. Luke

Luke on The Walking Dead

Luke is a character that just showed up this season — a brand new addition to The Walking Dead. He is played by Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts) and is part of Magna's group. As he is new, there is no telling how long he will last on the show, and as someone with a movie career, it might not be too long-term.

In the comics, Luke was also part of Magna's group. However, if someone wonders what his fate might be, look at what happened to Rosita in the comics. Luke was also an unfortunate target of the Whisperers attack and ended up with his head on a pike.

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