10 Rarest Funko Pops That Are Worth A Fortune Now

Funko Pops aren’t something most of us think of as being expensive. Cute little figurines, they tend to be picked up in stores for a small amount of money and make for a great gift or collectible. They come in a variety of characters, from fast food giants to pop culture icons, and they’re known for their iconic, endearing expression — which was designed very deliberately to entice people into buying them!

Over the years though, Funko Pops have become so popular that some of those little figurines have gotten extremely rare and are now worth a fortune. Do you own any of these?

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10. Holographic Darth Maul

Funko has released a bunch of Star Wars pops, but the rarest of all of them is the holographic Darth Mauth. Originally unveiled as a limited Pop at San Diego Comic-Con, a breeding ground for rare limited edition merchandise, it quickly gained value when all of them were sold out. Today, the estimated value is $2,990.

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It was released in 2012 so if you haven’t gotten your hands on one by now, you probably won’t unless you’re willing to pay around $3,000 for this Pop. But hey, if you’re a true Star Wars collector, you may just be willing.

9. Clown Paint Dumbo

A 2013 exclusive of San Diego Comic-Con, this is the clown and gold version of Dumbo. It only makes sense that Funko ended up with a range of Disney Pops — what with their goal being to make every figurine extremely cute and enticing, Disney has a plethora of characters who make that job easy. It was an obvious choice to collaborate with them.

This Funko Pop has an estimated value of $5,040. Woah! That seems like a lot to pay for a small figurine but people really do pay this much for this exclusive, hence how the value has managed to get so high.

8. Planet Arlia Vegeta

Released in 2014, Planet Arlia Vegeta is another super popular rare exclusive Funko Pop. It’s widely known to be one of the most sought-after and, though not quite as expensive as Dumbo, he clocks in with a value of around $1,990. Regardless, that's still a lot to pay for a figurine!

Exclusive to New York Comic-Con/Toy Tokyo, this Pop was available to people other than those that flock to SDCC every year. Still, the convention exclusives are clearly the ones to watch and the ones that gain value. If you ever go to one of these conventions, be sure to watch for the exclusive Pop releases!

7. Headless Ned Stark

Oof. This one hits close to home.

Not only is this Ned Stark from Game Of Thrones making everyone sad as they remember the fallen main character, but the head is actually detachable to remind you of his terrible fate. Apparently, people love to be reminded of the tragedy that happened at the end of the first book and first season — even though this Pop retails for $1,590.

It is—you guessed it—another SDCC exclusive, released in 2013, so if you don’t have your hands on one by now, it’ll be hard to get. But apparently, people love the messed up nature of this Pop!

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6. Metallic Blue Batman

Will the SDCC exclusives ever stop?

Honestly, not on this list. The sad nature of the rare Funko Pops game is that most of the terribly rare, expensive ones stem from that convention because that’s where the cool exclusives are mainly released. Another on the list is Metallic Blue Batman; a cool, cute, shiny edition of our favorite DC superhero, Bruce Wayne. It has a value of $1,110, which is less than a lot of the Pops on this list, but I still can’t personally imagine paying that for a figurine.

I do wish I had been at the convention to pick him up, though!

5. Metallic Alien

When you hear ‘metallic alien,’ it seems a bit vague; alien from what?

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But if your childhood was anything like mine, this is a very familiar sight. Yes, Funko Pop released a metallic version of the aliens from the Toy Story crane machine. This is actually, er, one Pop that I don’t think is as cute as the rest (the aliens kind of creeped me out), but it doesn’t stop this little figurine going for a pretty staggering $910 on eBay these days.

It was released in 2012 at SDCC and was snapped up pretty quickly, giving it a high value these days.

4. Glow In The Dark White Walker

Oh... I take it back. There’s totally a Pop less cute than the Toy Story aliens.

White Walkers are terrifying in the show, but somehow, they made them into a Pop and made them, er—well, cuter than they are in the show, which isn’t saying much. Not only that, but these Pops actually glow in the dark, giving them a nice, rare touch. Not many of the figurines do that.

This one was not exclusive to SDCC, shockingly enough! It was, however, exclusive to HMV and although not selling for quite as much as the convention exclusives, it still sells for a pretty solid $440.

3. Shadow Trooper

Time for another Star Wars!

Back into the SDCC exclusives and back into the thousands, as most of the rare SDCC exclusives seem to be, this cute little Funko Pop goes for around $1400. It’s older than most of the Pops on this list since it was released at the 2011 convention, not long after Funko Pops became an actual thing in 2010. Even though it’s older, it doesn’t go for quite as much as some of the 2012/2013 exclusives, but it’d definitely be a nice discovery to find out you own this, realizing how much it’s worth. $1400 is nothing to sniff at.

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2. Big Boy

If you know your Funko Pop trivia, you know that Big Boy is the one who inspired it all. He was the first Pop to be created, which is surprising when you think about it, considering Funko tend to be known more now for pop culture icons and comic characters. But no — this big fast food guy was the OG.

They released another version of him at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, and that version now goes for $1360. And it’s only been two years! The value is just going to keep climbing for this guy, so hold onto him if you managed to snatch him up.

1. Kylo Ren Freddy Funko

Another more recent SDCC exclusive is Freddy Funko Kylo Ren. He was only released two years ago in 2016 but already has a value of $290, making him one to watch. The value of this one will probably keep climbing too, and although he’s only at $290 right now, that will probably climb up in a few years. That’s why the Pops from 2011-2013 are so expensive in 2018 — they’ve had years for the rarity and desire to grow.

I guess it's time to check your Pop collection and find out if you own any of these. I’m supremely jealous if you do.

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