10 Pokemon Who Are Better In Their Unevolved Stage

One perk of training and raising a Pokemon is the amount of satisfaction its trainer feels when it evolves. In most cases, evolution will not only change a Pokemon's appearance but also make it significantly stronger overall. An extreme example is how a harmless and unsuspecting Magikarp somehow evolves into a mighty dragon-like serpent, Gyarados.

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However, there are also cases in which a Pokemon becomes worse off after evolving. Whether it's due to a change in appearance, nature, or viability in battle, some unevolved Pokemon know how to shine over their respective evolved form. Here are ten Pokemon who should forgo evolution.

10 Cosmog

Unlike any other legendary Pokemon so far, Cosmog has the ability to evolve. It evolves first into Cosmoem, and then either Solgaleo or Lunala, the legendary mascots of the Pokemon Sun & Moon series.

In contrast to Solgaleo and Lunala who are very powerful, Cosmoem and Cosmog aren't much help in battle. And while it does seem like an obvious choice to evolve Cosmog until it becomes its strongest final form, there's a good reason to leave it unevolved. Cosmog itself is a very lively Pokemon with a peppy personality, but it becomes boring and completely inactive in a deep slumber as soon as it evolves into Cosmoem.

9 Stufful

Stufful and its evolution, Bewear, are pink teddy-like Pokemon who are often described as adorable with their big innocent eyes. But despite their soft appearances, Stufful and Bewear possess terrifying strength and are considered the most dangerous Pokemon of the Alola Region.

Luckily Stufful, the lesser of two evils, is friendly enough to keep as a pet. It only tends to become violent and dangerous if touched or angered. This is still a much better alternative to Bewear, who has a really bad habit of killing humans with its hugs.

8 Wynaut

Wynaut is the happy baby Pokemon of its evolution, Wobbuffet. What makes Wynaut and Wobbuffet unique from other Pokemon is their limited move set. They do not have any attacking moves of their own and instead rely on using their opponent's attacks against them.

Because of this, Wynaut and Wobbuffet can be extremely frustrating and annoying to deal with in a battle. That being said, Wynaut is the better Pokemon because it requires less patience as an unevolved Pokemon and will surely give you less of a headache than Wobbuffet. Jessie of Team Rocket knows this firsthand with a headache-inducing Wobbuffet of her own.

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7 Glameow

Glameow is one of many cat Pokemon, similar to Meowth, Skitty, and Purrloin. But unlike the other cats who become more chic and sophisticated after evolving, Glameow becomes "ugly".

For an unevolved Pokemon, Glameow is rather classy and glamorous as its name suggests. It has a sleek body, to begin with and has a habit of showing off its curly ribbon-like tail when it's happy. But once it evolves into Purugly, it loses its glamorous appeal and gains an ugly personality. It is said that Purugly purposely makes itself look larger by wrapping its tails around its body to intimidate other Pokemon and steal their homes. It's even listed as a Pokemon that no one should ever catch!

6 Remoraid

One of the big aspects of evolution is how a Pokemon changes in appearance. Even if a Pokemon goes from being something underwhelming like a floppy Magikarp to a ferocious Gyarados, they tend to keep key physical features and an overall resemblance.

Remoraid and its evolution, Octillery, actually share zero physical resemblances to one another. While Remoraid is a small bluefish, Octillery is a bright red octopus. If you didn't know any better, you'd never guess that the two water Pokemon were related in any way. Ironically, Remoraid is more commonly associated with Mantine, whose unique evolution requires it to have a Remoraid buddy. If you ever wanted to evolve your Mantyke into Mantine, don't evolve your Remoraid!

5 Nosepass

Introduced in the third generation of Pokemon, Nosepass has always been an oddball. It is relatively weak amongst other rock Pokemon, has a strong emphasis on its nose, and initially could not evolve. Then, one generation later, Nosepass got an evolution no one asked for: Probopass.

Probopass has not only a stronger resemblance to Mr. Potato Head than to Nosepass but also three "Mini-Noses" on its body in addition to its main red nose. But aside from its peculiar appearance, Probopass's rock-steel dual typing is also what makes it worse than Nosepass. While Probopass is severely weak to any ground-type, Nosepass can endure a ground-type hit better thanks to its lack of steel-typing.

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4 Rhydon

Similar to Nosepass, Rhydon also acquired another evolution in the fourth generation of Pokemon. But the circumstances were very different.

Introduced as one of the original 150 Pokemon, Rhydon is appreciated out of nostalgia and its powerful rhinoceros-dinosaur design. With only one pre-evolution in Rhyhorn, Rhydon was strong but had the potential to become even better with a new evolution. When the fourth generation came around, Rhydon's highly anticipated new evolution, Rhyperior, fell short of expectation in design and viability in battle. Rather than evolving their Rhydon, many trainers will opt to let it hold the Eviolite, an item that greatly increases the defense of a Pokemon that can still evolve.

3 Vigoroth

Vigoroth is a Pokemon caught in a tough place between the two laziest Pokemon: Slakoth, its pre-evolution, and Slaking, its fully evolved form. While Slakoth and Slaking exhibit the natural lazy behavior of sloths, Vigoroth is just the opposite.

Despite being in the same sloth family as Slakoth and Slaking, Vigoroth is an extremely high-energy Pokemon who cannot sit still or relax due to its rapid heartbeat. Instead, it goes wild. Still, having an energetic Pokemon seems a lot more useful than a lazy Pokemon in battle. Slakoth and Slaking are so lazy that they will often ignore their trainer and refuse to attack, but Vigoroth will never let you down.

2 Ampharos

Ampharos is technically a fully evolved Pokemon, but it also has special access to Mega Evolution with its Ampharosite. Rather than a permanent evolution, Mega Evolution is more like a temporary boost in power that occasionally changes a Pokemon's typing.

In Ampharos's case, its Mega form becomes stronger in offense but weaker in its defensive capabilities due to its new typing. A normal Ampharos is a pure electric-type with only one defensive weakness. Mega Ampharos, on the other hand, is electric and dragon-type, which adds three big additional weaknesses. To make things worse, Mega Ampharos looks nothing like a dragon and gets access to only one dragon-type attack, so it can't even take advantage of its dragon typing. For that reason, it's better to leave Ampharos un-Mega Evolved in many battle scenarios.

1 Pikachu

As the poster child of the entire Pokemon franchise, Pikachu pretty much outshines every other Pokemon, including its evolution, Raichu. Pikachu's popularity over Raichu can mostly be attributed to its loyal companionship with Ash Ketchum.

In his struggles against Lieutenant Surge, Ash starts to question whether or not Pikachu should evolve to stand a chance against the gym leader and his Raichu. But after reevaluating their friendship, Ash decides to trust in his partner's abilities as a Pikachu to defeat its supposedly stronger evolution. 22 years later, Pikachu is still not a Raichu, and Ash is still 10 years old. Some things never change.

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