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The Teen Titans aren't DC's most popular superhero team (that honor goes to the Justice League), but they have their fair share of fans. With Cartoon Network and DC Universe bringing these characters to television, people are becoming more aware of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and the rest of the gang.

If you know someone who is a big Teen Titans fan, or are one yourself, take a look at this Teen Titans gift guide to see all sorts of amazing collectibles. The Teen Titans have a rich history in comics, so there's plenty of cool merchandise to choose from.


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Many people's introduction to the Teen Titans came with Cartoon Network's Teen Titans series. This anime-inspired action show brought our unlikely heroes together and put them in all sorts of crazy situations. Along the way, we go to how these characters developed relationships and grew from the ragtag misfits we met at the beginning.

That entire journey is all accounted for with this complete series box set. Fans will receive all five seasons of the show and can watch from beginning to end. That said, it's important to note that the series ends with a lot of questions. Trouble in Tokyo doesn't resolve them either.


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Damian Wayne has a bit of a struggled past. Being both a descendant of Batman and Ra's al Ghul, he was born to be a little different from the very start. He usually keeps to himself, but in "Teen Titans Vol. 1", he understands that he can't win his battle alone. When he gets the League of Assassins on his trail, he decides to bring together the Teen Titans.

It's not quite that simple, though, as Damian still exercises his negative behaviors. He manipulates and takes advantage of them, which is how he survived up until that point. This leads to an interesting character study on Wayne and the rest of the Titans.


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While the show is not the Teen Titans, it's clear that Young Justice has great roots in that team. It focuses on a team of younger heroes who are trying to make a difference in the world. It even includes popular characters from the Titans, such as Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Superboy.

The first season not only shows how such a team would realistically work in a packed DC Universe, but it also makes these characters feel more defined and real. These characters go from antsy sidekicks who want to be main heroes to a fully fledged team ready for combat at any moment.


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If you're a Teen Titans fan, then you might be familiar with the iconic "New Teen Titans" run. This came with a cover that featured all of the characters in action-focused poses. That cover was brought to life with a series of figures. Every character on that design was given a statue with the same pose.

That includes Beast Boy. Beast Boy is depicted in mid-transformation to a tiger. The details on his design are so great that this is a must-have for any Teen Titans fan. What makes this statue better is that, if you have the other New Teen Titans statues, you can recreate that classic cover.


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Raven is one of the most disturbed members of the Teen Titans. She was the daughter of the demon, Trigon, and has all sorts of dangerous powers as a result. While it seemed that she was destined to follow in her father's footsteps, she decided to forge her own path and became a member of a new family.

Her powers and heritage are what make her such a popular character, which is what makes this statue such a great gift. With her cape used as the stand, this statue has an authentic and organic look that other statues don't. Made by Kotobukiya, fans are guaranteed a quality figure from top to bottom.


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If you're a Teen Titans fan who is into card games, then it's difficult to buy anything better than the DC Deck-Building Game: Teen Titans. This game has players choosing an iconic hero, using classic items and attacks to defeat famous villains. The Teen Titans box is full of everything related to the team and nothing else.

Fans will get to use classic characters and take down familiar faces. If you enjoy playing this game and want a bit more variety, it is compatible with other DC Deck-Building Game expansions. That said, this one functions as a standalone package.


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Teen Titans Go! is far from everyone's favorite series. If you're a fan of the team, you might dislike it yourself. That said, reviews were excellent for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. While you're still getting the dysfunctional team from the show, it's used in a much more self-aware and parodical manner.

The movie is constantly poking fun at DC's own history while putting interesting twists on classic tropes. It plays around with multiple animation styles and uses its own shortcomings to great effect. It might not be the Teen Titans you know, but it's still worth at least a watch.


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Years after comics are released, there are always some iconic issues and names that people become familiar with due to their quality. Any Batman fan has heard of "The Dark Knight Returns". For Teen Titans fans, there is "The Judas Contract". This series develops the Teen Titans in meaningful ways, playing around with real ideas of betrayal, loss, and retirement.

Many of its iconic moments have been adapted to other Teen Titans stories and shows, but none have quite had the completeness and excellence of the comic original. Any fan of the team should waste no time in reading this one.


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The Teen Titans team that most people are familiar with came from the New Teen Titans. This featured a roster of Raven, Kid Flash, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin/Nightwing, Cyborg, and Wonder Girl. Any fan is going to be familiar with this roster, which is what makes this shirt such a great find.

Not only does it bring together this classic team, but it draws them in the art from the comics. Better yet, it even has the team's logo above just as it appeared on covers. It might look too old and goofy for some, but there's a lot to appreciate with this retro look of the team.


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Some Teen Titans fans may not be familiar with the comic versions. Many were brought over by the Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network. This show was praised across the board in just about every aspect, leading people to think fondly of it and the characters. If you find yourself in love with the team from that series, then this shirt is for you.

It features the lineup from the show, and has each character drawn in their related color of choice. Beneath them is the show's logo, bringing back memories of that stellar theme song. When there's trouble, you know who to call.

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