10 Most Wondrous Moments From "Wonder Woman's" SDCC Trailer

Now that the dust has settled on this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, it's hard to argue that "Wonder Woman" didn't steal the show. While plenty of trailers debuted at the massive pop culture convention, Wonder Woman fought her way through a crowded field of demons, speedsters, monsters and more and climbed to the top of CBR's list.

This nearly 3-minute-long look at "Wonder Woman" showed off way more of the film than has previously been seen. This trailer easily trumped the first brief bit of footage that debuted back in January, including more fighting, horseback-riding, amazon battling -- and even a couple of jokes!

The "Wonder Woman" trailer was jam-packed with so many awesome moments, it's possible that a few slipped right by you (unless you've understandably watched it a dozen times already). Here are the 10 moments from the trailer that caught our attention.

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10 Welcome To Themyscira

While the previous DC movies have taken us to fictional cities like Gotham and Metropolis, both of those heroic hometowns are still rooted in the real world. "Wonder Woman," on the other hand, is taking us to an entirely new -- and highly stylized -- fictional setting. The trailer starts off with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) coming to on the beach of an island called Themyscira. He's rescued by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), who is shocked to see a man for the first time. From there, we see more of the Amazons' home, from their fantastical architecture to their Ancient Greece-inspired wardrobe. We meet Wonder Woman's mother, get a hint of the titular hero's origin and see a battalion of Amazons on horseback (more on those last two later). All in all, Themyscira is a setting unlike any we've seen in a DC movie to date.

9 A Different Time

And Themyscira isn't the only different thing about "Wonder Woman." In addition to taking place partly on a totally fictional island, the entire film itself is set back when the world was in the throes of World War I. That in and of itself marks a seismic shift in how we perceive superhero movies; the furthest back a Marvel or DC movie have gone so far are the 1960s ("X-Men: First Class") and the 1940s ("Captain America: The First Avenger"). "Wonder Woman" is instead depicting an era and a war that we rarely see on film. It's even an era that pre-dates Wonder Woman herself; the hero was created in 1941 and was an active participant in World War II upon her initial debut. The film is instead set a quarter century prior to when the character first appeared, meaning "Wonder Woman" is taking the character and comic book movies into uncharted territory.

8 Dressed To Intimidate

We saw in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that Wonder Woman has no qualms about rocking formal wear while going on dangerous missions. Although with its military attendees, the gala that she appears to be walking into in this trailer looks way more dangerous than Lex Luthor's Silicon Valley-esque party she crashed in "BvS." Of course this scene is eye-catching because of that massive sword Diana's got strapped to her back. The way her hand snakes over her shoulder toward the weapon's hilt, while the upper crust attendees look on quizzically, is definitely the first show-stopping moment of the trailer. Who is the sword meant for? The military man played by Danny Huston that we see just prior to this shot? It's hard to place this scene in context with the rest of the footage, but one thing's certain: Wonder Woman's gonna wreck someone real good while wearing that vibrant blue dress.

7 Scarface

Aside from generic military opposition, the "Wonder Woman" trailer is light on villains. We actually don't yet know who Wonder Woman will be going up against in the film, and the numerous action scenes of the Amazon giving it to in-over-their-heads soldiers don't really point to any one villain in particular. But then there's this shot, the shot seen above. Who is this mystery woman? With that scarred mask, she sure doesn't look like a generic soldier. It's entirely possible that this is Baroness Paula von Gunther, one of Wonder Woman's oldest foes dating back to the early '40s. Originally depicted as a ruthless Nazi leader, von Gunther's face was also scarred; both of these facts make it seem likely that the Baroness will have a role to play in "Wonder Woman." And if the film wants to give the little known villain a power boost, they could always tie her into the occult and dark magic like she was in her few '90s appearances.

6 Origin Story

There's one line in the trailer that's definitely worth scrutinizing, and it deals with the hero's origin. Wonder Woman's origin story has been told a number of times (another one is even currently unfolding in the comics), but there are two prominent ones: one states that Wonder Woman was molded from clay by Hippolyta and brought to life by gods, and the newer one states that Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. This line, though, might just imply that movie Diana's origin is a mix of the two.

"I have no father," Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman tells Steve Trevor. "I was brought to life by Zeus."

While there's no mention of being formed of clay, Diana firmly states that she has no father, thus ruling out her newer origin. But Zeus isn't totally excised from the story; he still brought her to life. Perhaps Zeus was the god that brought Hippolyta's clay creation to life?

5 Amazons Attack

The trailer does a great job of showing that Wonder Woman isn't the only Amazon that knows how to kick ass. No, pretty much every woman on Themyscira is a warrior, and the trailer's full of awesome action moments including characters that aren't clad in red and blue. We see one Amazon archer doing an impossible leap and taking shots that would make Hawkeye nervous. We see Robin Wright's General Antiope leading the charge and a group of Amazons on horseback descending on soldiers. And then there's another Amazon wielding weapons on the beaches of Themyscira. This is not an island to mess with, and seeing the Amazons in action also establishes the exact nature of the world that Wonder Woman comes from. Once you see her sisters throw down, you totally understand the circumstances that forged Diana into a champion.

4 Wonder Woman In No Man's Land

After seeing the Amazons engage in battle with a modern army, the trailer jumps right into the heat of a World War I battle. The sequence depicts Wonder Woman slowly -- and calmly -- stepping out onto the battlefield and firmly planting herself as a player in the world of man. As soldiers frantically run back and forth, Wonder Woman climbs the rungs of a ladder and becomes the sole occupant of the stretch between trenches (fittingly referred to as "no man's land"). She swats away a bomb with ease, standing strong and defiant in the face of seemingly advanced weaponry that is no match for her might. This is the clashing of two worlds -- Themyscira and World War I -- on screen for the first time, and it looks appropriately epic.

3 The Lasso Of Truth

What Wonder Woman adaptation would be complete without her signature weapon, the Lasso of Truth? We first got to see the lasso in action earlier this year in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" when Wonder Woman used it to rope the massive villain Doomsday. The lasso is once again put to work in the "Wonder Woman" trailer, as Diana uses it to expertly fling soldiers around in battle as if they were mere toys. When it comes to weapons, the lasso is unlike anything we've seen in a superhero film. Plenty of other heroes use swords and shields, like Wonder Woman, but none use a lasso -- and that makes these action scenes visually distinct from what's come before. Additionally, the lasso's golden glow cuts through the dim and dark world of man; the contrast between the fog of war and the bright glow of truth is truly eye-catching.

2 The Shield

Speaking of weapons, we get to see Wonder Woman's shield get a closeup and spotlight moment in the trailer as well. The shield's a more recent addition to Wonder Woman's arsenal, becoming a staple of the "Wonder Woman" comics with the New 52 relaunch in 2011. But seeing the expert way Diana utilizes her shield in the trailer, it looks like she's been fighting with it on her arm for a very long time. The moment when Wonder Woman, flexed and gritting her teeth, steadies herself against a barrage of gunfire with her shield up in defense is a truly gasp-inducing moment.

And we gotta talk about the fight scenes in this trailer in general. Director Patty Jenkins has developed a way to show Wonder Woman's swift and aggressive style on screen, diving into slow motion with effortless ease and swinging the camera around in cinematic shots that allow the audience to take in the brutal efficiency of Wonder Woman in battle. This hero is an awe-inspiring warrior unlike any we've seen on film.

1 "I Really Like Her"

The trailer ends with a moment that cements another part of Wonder Woman's mythos: Etta Candy. Etta Candy's a supporting player that dates all the way back to 1942, and the lively and body positive Etta served as Diana's sidekick through much of the Golden Age. More recent comics have reimagined Candy as a secretary, and that's how we meet Lucy Davis' Etta in the trailer. Upon hearing what a secretary's job is, Wonder Woman takes a firm stance and says it sounds like she's a slave. This comment lights a fire in Etta's eyes and suddenly Steve Trevor's secretary is gushing about this mysterious new woman. This empowering moment is also another example of the film's feminist message; we got another taste of that earlier in the trailer when Diana told Steve Trevor that "what I do is not up to you."

Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston and Saïd Taghmaoui, "Wonder Woman" opens on June 2, 2017.

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