One glance at Longshot circa 1986, and you'd guess that mulletted mutant has been in limbo for the past 30 years. Rather, the character has sustained as a key member of the X-Men or its satellite teams pretty consistently over the decades. Why? He's an incredibly charismatic character -- and

genetically engineered mutant from the Mojoverse -- with a cool skill set and a Star-Lord-esque magnetic personality. Created by Ann Nocenti, Art Adams and Whilce Portacio for his own miniseries that acted as a social satire of the media-obsessed '80s (could you imagine?), the character went on to be a member of the Australia-based "Outback X-Men" and appear in "Exiles," as well as Peter David's acclaimed "X-Factor" run, before starring yet again in his own incredibly fun miniseries, "Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe."

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