10 Most Powerful Legends Of Tomorrow, Ranked

Legends of Tomorrow may have started as just a spin-off for the Arrowverse's supporting characters to get a chance in the spotlight, but over the course of its four seasons, it's become a cult hit. Travelling through history, the Legends have had their fair share of tough enemies. Whether it's supervillains, witches, demons, or Elvis, the Legends need a powerful team to face their challenges.

The Legends have seen a lot of heroes come and go, each with their own strange and unique powers, but who are the most powerful heroes to be part of the crew? Let's find out. Here's the 10 most powerful Legends of Tomorrow, ranked.

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10 Heatwave/Captain Cold

This criminal duo joined up with the Legends in the very first episode and, for the most part, put their life of crime behind them. While neither of them have any superpowers, they're both armed with unique weapons that make them a force to be reckoned with. With Captain Cold and his cold gun and Heatwave and his fire gun, these criminals-turned-heroes are not to be ignored.

While Captain Cold heroically sacrificed himself at the end of the first season, Heatwave, aka Mick Rory, continues to be part of the Legends, aiding them in their fight to preserve history.

9 Charlie

One of the newest additions to the Legends, Charlie is a shapeshifting magical creature marked for a one-way trip to Hell. She convinces the Legends to not only spare her, but to also let her join them. Since joining the Legends crew, Charlie has taken the form of former Legends member Amaya, and has become an integral member of the team, greatly due to her powers.

As a shapeshifter, Charlie is able to go undercover in a number of situations by assuming someone else's identity. She has fooled people into believing she was Richard Nixon, Sara Lance, and the Fairy Godmother, to name just a few. Her shapshifting abilities also allow her to heal from just about any injury.

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8 The Atom

Ray Palmer has been with the Legends from the beginning. The former head of Palmer Tech used his knowledge of technology to build a power suit that can shrink him to any size he wants and fire energy blasts when needed. Ray later revealed that he can also enlarge parts of his body, when he enlarged his arm to take out an entire corridor of armed men.

Ray's constant optimism, joyfully nerdy personality, and heroic nature makes him the heart of the Legends. Whether it's supporting his best friend, Nate, or breaking through Nora Darhk's shell and helping her to the side of good, Ray Palmer is the goofball holding the team together.

7 Steel

Nate Heywood was introduced in season 2 as a non-powered historian and joined the Legends after single-handedly discovering a history altering time aberration in which the Nazis nuked New York City during World War II. Using his skills as a historian, he was able to aid the Legends restore history, and then became a member of the team.

After being injected by a biomolecular enhancer, Nate gained the ability to turn his skin into a steel-like alloy that's about 100 times stronger than steel and became the hero known as Steel. His abilities allow him to brush off knives, bullets, and even explosives like they're nothing, as well as super strength and accelerated healing.

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6 Zari Tomaz

Zari comes from the year 2042 where she was a hacker fighting against A.R.G.U.S. and their Anti-Meta-human Act of 2021. She joins up with the Legends after tricking them into helping her retrieve her brother's Air Totem from an A.R.G.U.S. black site.

Using the Air Totem, Zari has the ability to control air. She can create blasts of air from her hands or generate a vortex to shield herself. She can also use the Totem to pull off more complicated moves, like flying and sucking the air out of someone's lungs. Her abilities with the Air Totem as well as her skills as a hacker make Zari a force to be reckoned with.

5 Amaya Jiwe

Amaya, aka Vixen, was a member of the Justice Society of America before joining the Legends. Amaya has since parted ways with the Legends, but during her time with the team, she was essentially the team's powerhouse, thanks to the Anansi Totem that she wielded.

The Anansi Totem allows Amaya to harness the life force of animals and use their abilities. She can communicate with any animal and create solid energy constructs of animals to fight for her. She can also do things like harnessing the spirit of a rhinoceros to increase her strength or harness the spirit of a spider to crawl along walls and ceilings.

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4 Sara Lance

Sara, aka the White Canary, is someone who's quite hard to kill, or rather, someone hard to kill and have stay dead. She's been killed and resurrected multiple times in Arrow before joining the Legends. Now she spends her time captaining the Waverider and leading the Legends team through their historical adventures.

Though she has no superpowers, Totems, or high-tech suits, she was trained by the League of Assassins, which makes her an incredibly dangerous foe to anyone who faces her. Even with the deaths of her sister and father, Sara continued to lead the Legends while simultaneously dealing with her grief.

3 John Constantine


John Constantine isn't the most reliable person to have on a team, but when he comes through, he proves to be one of the Legends' most powerful members. Reluctantly joining the team in the fourth season, Constantine has helped the Legends face a myriad of demons and magical creatures.

Constantine has become so integral to the Legends that when he was temporarily removed from the timeline, the other Legends were easily defeated by the earlier magical creatures from the season. He also willingly journeyed into Hell to rescue Ray's souls and was the one to deal the final blow to the season's major antagonist, Neron, a demon from Hell.

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2 Nora Darhk

Nora Darhk, daughter of series villain Damien Darhk, began as a major antagonist to the Legends alongside her father. She was the vessel for the demon Mallus but was rescued from her fate and given a chance to turn her life around. Her skills with magic has made her invaluable to the team and she has quickly become a fan favorite.

Without Nora's help, it's likely the Legends would not have been able to defeat Neron once and for all, and it was thanks to her help that Ray's soul was able to be rescued from Hell. Even when the Legends were reluctant to accept her help, they couldn't deny that her knowledge and skills with magic helped save the day.

1 Firestorm

Of the original Legends, Firestorm was no doubt the most powerful. Using the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. core, Jax and Dr. Stein merge together to form Firestorm and gains powers from the nuclear energy his body creates. While Firestorm already began with formidable powers, his abilities only grew as the series progressed.

Essentially, Firestorm is a living nuclear reactor, creating large amounts of nuclear energy which, when combined with his understanding of fission and fusion, allows him to harness the energy from his body or any nearby source. Not only can he shoot energy blasts and fly, but he was able to absorb the explosion from Vandal Savage's nuclear warhead. He is also able to transmute matter, like turning a rifle into dust or turning the Legion of Doom's obelisk vault into jelly beans.

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