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10 Most Kick-Ass Moments in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

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10 Most Kick-Ass Moments in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Judging by last weekend’s box office haul, there’s a good chance you’ve either seen “Avengers: Age of Ultron” once — or twice — already.

And while Joss Whedon‘s second film about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may lack a fist-pumping “Hulk? Smash.” moment, it’s still loaded with crazy-good scenes and character beats. In fact, some of these scenes rank among the best Marvel Studios has ever presented on the big screen.

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So if you’re not convinced you need to see it again for a second, third or fourth time, here are ten spoiler-filled scenes — in no particular order — we believe make Whedon’s latest more than worthy of the cost of re-admission. Again.

That Opening Action Scene

Hulk’s Lullaby

Ain’t No Party Like an Avengers Post-Hydra Raid Party

Hulkbuster Vs. Hulk

Hawkeye’s Safe House

Black Widow’s “Vision”

Ultron = Boot; Earth = Ant

Rise, Vision, Rise

Hawkeye’s Pep Talk to Scarlet Witch

The Final Fight

Cornered inside the battle ruins of a church, the main cast of heroes engage in a brief but holy-shit-isn’t-that-awesome round of punching out Ultron’s robot army.

Aside from the opening sequence’s slo-mo lingering on the entire team, it’s the closest the movies have ever come to bringing a comic book splash page to life. The shot, presented all in one take, with each corner of the frame packed with action, is an overwhelming but engrossing visual.

It’s a gutsy choice that perfectly translates to screen what it would be like to find such an epic spread within the pages of a comic. More than that, this moment alone makes “Age of Ultron” worthy of multiple viewings.

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