10 Kids Who Can Join The MCU's Young Avengers

Kevin Fiege has made it clear that the Young Avengers are a priority for the post-Avengers Endgame MCU. The Young Avengers first formed following the events of Avengers: Disassembled, united by Vision as a group of young heroes who could fight in lieu of the Avengers' collapse.

But which characters should be a part of the Young Avengers? The MCU has already introduced several potential candidates, but there are more who, in the coming years, might be introduced as future members of the team. Other characters might make an appearance in upcoming films. Whatever the case, be they new to the universe or older counterparts to pre-established heroes, the Young Avengers might end up as a pretty crowded group of youngsters fighting for the MCU.

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10 America Chavez


One of the most interesting members of the Young Avengers, America Chavez is the first Latin-American LGBTQA superhero to headline her own solo series. Miss America is a brash, confident heroine who has over the last few years become quite popular in her own right.

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America is quite unique among potential MCU heroes. She works as a stand-alone hero, bashing through time and space to punch people in the face, but also works as part of the Young Avengers ensemble. And, with Disney and Marvel pushing her front and center in animation, plans might already exist to put her in the MCU.

9 Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop, also known as Hawkeye, is the most recent person to take up the mantle of Hawkeye from Clint Barton. As Clint has already established a mentor-mentee relationship with Scarlet Witch in the MCU, it would be interesting to see Barton take up a mentorship role to another future hero who wants to follow in his stead.

Furthermore, Kate on her own is a fascinating hero, full of sass and confidence that can make her quite entertaining to watch. With the further push for diversity in the MCU, it would make sense to add another confident lady to the line-up of heroes.

8 Kid Loki

Kid Loki

Loki remains one of the most beloved characters in the MCU. While it's clear Loki has had more lively days behind him, it might turn out that Loki has disguised himself as a child, as is the case in the comics.

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Kid Loki is a reincarnated version of Loki -- younger and more mischievous than his adult counterpart. He has a complex relationship with the man he will one day become. Kid Loki at once fears and admires his adult self for all his dangerous wit and power. This dynamic is already fascinating, but if he's on a team with characters who might remember the horrors of the Battle of New York from the first Avengers, drama may ensue.

7 Riri Williams

Riri Williams is one of the most controversial characters in recent history. While Riri now wears the moniker of Ironheart, when she first popped up as the new Iron Man back in 2014, she stirred the pot in unexpected ways. Fans either loved her or hated her.

As seen with Captain Marvel's financial success, however, sometimes controversy can sell tickets. Riri might not be the right follow-up to Tony Stark's legacy, but she might be able to occupy her own unique slot in the MCU, following the inevitable departure of Robert Downey Jr. from his iconic role.

6 Hulkling


Warning, minor spoilers for Captain Marvel.

Hulkling is one of the most noteworthy members of the Young Avengers. Son of the original Captain Marvel and a Skrull princess, Hulkling possesses incredible physical powers. He can transform into a bulky, powerful version of himself. Unlike Bruce Banner, Hulking maintains control of himself. Hulkling's legacy might be difficult to recreate, given that Mar-Vell is now a woman in the MCU. Still, considering the MCU Mar-Vell's relationship to the Skrulls, perhaps Hulking can still be her son.

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However, one thing that makes Hulkling unique (and by many beloved) is his romance with partner Wiccan. These two could be among the first LGBTQA heroes in the MCU.

5 Wiccan

Wiccan Asgardian

Wiccan is a magic based hero, who, much like Scarlet Witch, can use magical abilities to distort and affect reality. It seems like fate, therefore, that he'd fall in love with his physically powerful partner, Hulkling.

But beyond being an LGBTQA superhero, Wiccan's arc surrounds learning to control and understand his abilities. He possesses incredible power, yet, despite all that, needs to learn to reign himself in. A hero struggling to control himself could make a fascinating cinematic character.

4 Cassie Lang

Like Loki, Cassie Lang has already appeared in the MCU -- twice. Daughter of Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Cassie Lang takes after her father, learning to become a hero. She becomes Stature, who uses Pym Particles to grow and shrink like her father.

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Cassie Lang, out of every character on this list, seems most likely to appear in a Young Avengers film. This is especially true given how Avengers Endgame is set to introduce a teenage version of the character, which might set-up a future appearance as Stature in the startlingly near future.

3 Kamala Khan

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan

Few new Marvel heroes have become as iconic as this New Jersey-based Islamic-American hero.

A young girl who grew up enamored by heroes like Carol Danvers, Kamala gains the powers of the Inhumans. Able to grow and twist her body, she models herself after Carol Danvers, becoming Ms. Marvel.

While Kamala is a member of the superhero team The Champions, it might make sense to combine the Young Avengers and Champions together for the MCU. Furthermore, Brie Larson has already indicated that she'd like to see Kamala appear in a potential sequel to Captain Marvel.

2 Miles Morales

Miles Morales Spider-Man #3

He needs no introduction. Miles had his big-screen debut in the Academy Award Winning Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Many forget, however, that he already exists in the MCU, as alluded by his uncle in Spider-Man Homecoming.

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Miles Morales can and should be his own hero in the film. However, he might be able to find his place in the universe in a potential Young Avengers film. While also a member of the Champions with Kamala Khan, it would be wise to integrate him with other Young Avengers.

1 Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau has already appeared in the MCU as the lovable daughter of Maria Rambeau. However, while Monica adores her Auntie Carol, Monica is a hero in her own right. She's the second person to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel in the comics -- long before even Carol Danvers took on the role.

Monica Rambeau led the Avengers and saved the world from alien invasions. She is no doubt going to be an incredible hero in the MCU. And it is clear that the MCU has plans for Monica. But it might be wise to give her a chance to help herald in the new generation of heroes by playing the role Vision played for their comic book counterparts and the rule Fury played for the Avengers in the original Avengers film: uniting the team.

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