10 Heroes Who Have Defeated Kang The Conqueror

After the harrowing events of Avengers: Endgame, the saga of the villain Thanos a decade in the making came to a climactic end. With his ending comes a very important discussion among the MCU fans of the world: who will be the next major villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Now that Marvel has acquired the Marvel heroes of Fox, there is one villain who stands out a lot: Kang the Conqueror. The time traveling villain is a long time foe of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, but here are ten heroes of the Marvel Universe everyone forgets defeated him.

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10 Cable

The first two heroes to defeat Kang the Conqueror come from the same event. After being defeated by the Avengers, The Fantastic Four and even the moon god Khonshu, the heroes were able to force Kang to flee back out of the time period he was in.

While traveling through time, a “time storm” hit the villain and he was driven into the modern era, facing Dr. Doom. Damaged by the storm, his time module flung him several years into the future, where he met Cable. The mutant hero/anti-hero and time traveler beat Kang, but he wasn’t alone…

9 Blaquesmith

…however he was not alone in his defeat of Kang. While the notorious Avengers foe was forced into the future, he landed in Egypt, where he was forced to battle Cable and none other than Blaquesmith, the gnomish like mutant from Earth 4935. Hailing from the year 4000 A.D., Blaquesmith was the mentor of Cable from that Earth.

After being thought lost after being defeated by Onslaught, it was discovered Blaquesmith had been captured by none other than Kang. Having had their disagreements previously, Cable and his former mentor put aside their differences to defeat the time-displaced villain.

8 Black Knight

One of the more interesting defeats of Kang belongs to a hero and reserve Avenger who is not as well known as some other heroes, and that is Black Knight. The nephew of the villainous Black Knight, Dane Whitman took up the mantle for himself and fought to make Black Knight a hero instead of his uncle’s villainous turn.

After years of teaming up with the Avengers to battle Surtur and other foes, he came across them during the contest between Kang and The Grandmaster. Using his sword in the games, (due to its magic), he managed to defeat Kang.

7 The Hulk

It’s safe to say that one of the more popular characters that fans never knew faced Kang one on one has to be Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. Knowing the Avengers were one of Kang’s greatest foes, he sought a way to stop the team from forming to begin with, believing his goals would be better achieved had they not stopped him.

He attempted to use the Hulk by going back in time and erasing Banner’s ancestor. However the conflicted and tortured hero managed to stop Kang before it was too late, and the plot was so very quickly stopped.

6 Swordsmen

The next three characters also stem from the same event, and not all of their victories were hands down brawls between the characters. One plot that is well known to Kang fans is related to his quest to find the Celestial Madonna, who was supposed to give birth to the most powerful being in the universe.

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Narrowing down the candidates to Scarlet Witch, Mantis and Agatha Harkness, he captured all three heroes. The Avengers came to stop the villain. At one point he fired a blast, and it was intercepted by The Swordsman, Hawkeye’s mentor, onetime villain and eventual hero.

5 Scarlet Witch

Now the prophecy relayed by Kang foresaw this Celestial Madonna giving birth to the most powerful being in the universe, and Kang’s ultimate goal was to become the being’s father, in hopes of gaining control over the being and achieving his goals. While it would eventually be revealed Mantis was the Celestial Madonna, it’s not hard to imagine Scarlet Witch as a candidate as well.

Fans of both the film and comics version of the character have seen her reality-altering powers at work. A well versed hero in the dark arts and mutant, her power makes her truly heroic.

4 Agatha Harkness

The third candidate for the Celestial Madonna who ended up not being the woman in question was Agatha Harkness. Known in the Marvel Universe as one of the most powerful witches in the universe and a former member of New Salem, her power in the dark arts has made her name quite renowned.

Being introduced thanks to the Fantastic Four ironically, she has faced the likes of the Fearsome Four, and even trained the Scarlet Witch in using her powers in connection with the dark arts. It would be Scarlet Witch sadly who would be the witch’s ultimate future downfall.

3 Doctor Strange

While the Fantastic Four and Avengers are the villain’s two greatest foes, there was another, non-member of both groups at the time of their first major meeting that had a hand in his first defeat. That hero was none other than the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Strange.

The magical hero fought alongside both teams, as well as the moon god Khonshu, to stop Kang while he was ruling in the year 3000 on an alternate Earth. Doctor Strange has received a lot of popularity thanks to his MCU appearance in his solo film and Avengers films.

2 X-Men

One of the more interesting and not as realized foes Kang faced has to be the X-Men. There was a time when Kang resumed his role as Rama-Tut, the future self from the Celestial Madonna story that stopped Kang. Not wanting to become Immortus, a darker version of himself, he stopped his Kang self and then sought Limbo.

However he glimpsed a vision of himself as Immortus bowing to the Time-Keepers, and not wanting to “serve” anyone, took up the Kang mantle once more. During this time he battled the mutant team known as The X-Men.

1 Young Avengers

Sometime after the X-Men and stopping the Time-Keepers, (diverging his future from Immortus and freeing himself), he faced a series of hurdles that included a betrayal by Marcus XXIII (wearing the Scarlet Centurion armor). Despite rescuing him from imprisonment from the Avengers after being defeated, Kang knew Marcus held back in the battle before and slew him in response.

After this series of events is when he turned to facing his next big foe, the Young Avengers. The team became his focus after his younger, heroic self Iron Lad was revealed to be a member of the team.

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