10 comic characters drawn in the style of 10 artists

The comics medium allows for diverse interpretations of characters, both narratively and visually. Artist Jaakko Seppälä has taken 10 of the most iconic comic characters -- from Asterix to Batman to Lucy van Pelt -- drawn in the style of 10 famous artists (including their respective creators or most popular illustrators).

The characters are, from the top: Asterix, Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes), Donald Duck, Captain Haddock (of The dventures of Tintin), Batman, Heimo Vesa (of Fingerpori), Corto Maltese, Moomintroll (of Moomin), Garfield, and Lucy (of Peanuts). The artists are, from left: Albert Uderzo, Bill Watterson, Carl Barks, Hergé, Neal Adams, Perrti Jarla, Hugo Pratt, Lars Jansson, Jim Davis and Charles Schulz.

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