10 Best Spider-Man Vs Carnage Fights

Carnage is no doubt Spider-Man's most terrifying villain. He has committed unspeakable acts of murder and violence, making him almost the polar opposite of the hero that is Spider-Man. Many have noted that Carnage is Spider-Man's Joker, due to his insanity and chaotic, murderous rampages.

The one thing that makes Carnage scarier than Joker, however, is his power. Carnage is much more powerful than Spider-Man and has the ability to generate deadly weapons from his red symbiote skin. Over the course of his history, Carnage has had many great fights with the web-slinger.

Here are the ten best Spider-Man vs Carnage fights.

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10 Red Goblin

Red Goblin cover

During one of his many evil schemes, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) managed to steal the Carnage symbiote from a S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facility. Once the symbiote bonded with Osborn, he became something much worse than either Green Goblin or Carnage. He became the Red Goblin.

In a final climactic battle in Times Square, Spider-Man is able to defeat Red Goblin. After having bonded with the black symbiote to give himself a fighting chance, Spidey convinced Goblin that they should both shed their symbiotes and fight mano-y-mano.

9 First Meeting

Carnage Spider-man Cartoon

Born from the Venom symbiote, the Carnage symbiote merged with Cletus Kasady's bloodstream, creating a strong bond between the alien and serial killer. After escaping prison, it wasn't long until Spider-Man tried to stop them.

It turned out that Carnage had the combined strength of Venom and Spider-Man, making it almost impossible for Spider-Man to stop him. Carnage easily defeated the webhead, establishing his place as one of Spidey's most formidable opponents.

8 Spider-Man and Silver Surfer

Stan Lee Silver Surfer

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During one of his many visits to Earth, Silver Surfer partnered with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After the two heroes met up, they quickly decided to team up against the murderous Carnage.

Upon facing Spidey and the Silver Surfer, the Carnage symbiote was suddenly very afraid. Apparently a world the symbiote's ancestor was from had been eaten by the world eater Galactus. Afraid for its life, the symbiote decided to bond with Silver Surfer. After the conflict was over, the Surfer trapped Carnage in an inescapable prison, from which it took the villain quite some time to escape.

7 Red Paint

Cletus Kasady

During a period of time when Cletus Kasady lost his symbiote, the serial killer's delusions got the better of him. Believing that some strength from the alien still remained within him, Kasady set out on another killing spree.

This time, Kasady painted his face red as an homage to his alien counterpart. He successfully killed many people, although when Spider-Man came to stop him things didn't go quite as planned. Spider-Man easily dispatched of the villain with one punch, showing that the Carnage symbiote took all of the powers with it.

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6 Carnage USA

Carnage controlling avengers

One of Carnage's deadliest standoffs was shown within the Carnage USA storyline. After a team of Avengers, including Captain America, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Thing, and Spider-Man, tracked Kasady to a small town, it turned out that he had acquired a new power. Carnage was creating new spawns that possessed various members of the town. He then quickly created four new spawns that possessed the four heroes Spidey was with.

After several long, drawn-out battles, Spidey was able to both defeat these new Avengers and Carnage himself. Although he did get some help from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Venom, this was one of the greatest battles between Spider-Man and Carnage.

5 Venomized

During the Venomized storyline, a group of aliens called the Poisons was looking to take over the Earth. Poisons have learned that bonding with symbiotes can make them extremely powerful. Once they discovered the existence of the Carnage symbiote, one of Earth's most powerful symbiotes, on Earth, they attempted to assimilate it.

After joining the Poisons, Carnage had an intense battle with both Venom and Spider-Man. After nearly murdering both of them, Spidey and Venom were barely able to defeat him.

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4 Spider-Man and Batman: Distorted Minds


Back when Marvel and DC had a better relationship, the two comic companies had many fun crossovers. One of the best crossovers by far was the Spider-Man/ Batman story called Distorted Minds.

During the story, Carnage and Joker team up against the two vigilantes. Although Carnage is much more powerful, Batman is able to defeat him. This isn't a big surprise, as Batman has a long history of defeating more powerful opponents. Seeing Spidey team up with everyone's favorite Dark Knight made this one of the best Carnage/ Spider-Man fights.

3 Spider-Man and Venom


After Carnage defeated Spider-Man in their first meeting, the web-head knew he had to go to some unlikely places. He turned to the symbiote's father, Venom. Although reluctant at first, Venom was no fan of Carnage's murderous rampages and agreed to help in order to stop the mad villain.

While at first, it seemed that Carnage would be too much for the two of them in the end, Venom and Spidey were able to defeat him. It also helped that the unlikely duo got some last-minute help from the Fantastic Four using a sonic weapon, Carnage's weakness.

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2 Ultimate Carnage

ultimate carnage

The Ultimate Universe version of Carnage was much different than his mainstream counterpart. This creature was created from a combination of the original Venom symbiote and Peter Parker's DNA.

With a need to consume life in order to sustain itself, one of the first things the Carnage symbiote did was killing Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man then fought the monstrous creature, defeating it and killing it by throwing Carnage into an industrial chimney.

1 Maximum Carnage

Carnage and Shriek in Maximum Carnage

The most famous Carnage event, Maximum Carnage showcased the villain leading his own team of nihilistic killers. Teamed up with Shriek, Demogoblin, Carrion and Spider-Man's Infinity War-doppelganger, Carnage and his team murdered several innocent people.

Spider-Man found the villain team to be too much to deal with on his own. With the help of Captain America, Black Cat, Nightwatch, Cloak, Dagger, Venom, Iron Fist, Firestar and Morbius, he is able to finally stop Kasady and put him and his cronies behind bars.

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