10 Best RWBY Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

RWBY is one of several hit shows to come from Rooster Teeth, and as such, it has been getting a lot of attention. And like any series that gets a lot of attention - that means that there are dozens of cosplayers out there showing off their love for the series. If you look around, you'll find fans dressing up as Ruby Rose (perhaps the most cosplayed character of the series), Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, and all of the others.

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Some of these characters are getting more attention than others. And obviously, some cosplays simply blow us out of the water when it comes to how realistic they are. With that in mind, here are our favorite ten RWBY cosplays.

10 Volume Six Cover

There are very few things better than seeing a whole cosplay team that is nailing the group look. Here we have Ruby Rose (Karma Kicki), Weiss Schnee (Anne Clara), Blake Belladonna (Valeshia Lauren), and Yang Xiao Long (Suhenny Yume). Each of these cosplays individually is worth writing home about. But together? They become something even better and more impressive. We especially love that they went and tried to recreate the cover for volume six. Nice touch!

9 Adorable Ruby

This version of Ruby has just the most cheerful and adorable face ever. And when you think about it, that means it's the perfect cosplay. We love this Ruby who's ready to show the world what she is worth.

rikuko_ did a delightful job with this cosplay. The outfit itself looks amazing - and that hair! It's exactly like we pictured, if Ruby were to pop out of the screen and become a real person. We love it!

8 Fiery Yang Xiao Long

This Yang Xiao Long cosplayer doesn't look like somebody you want to mess with. In fact, it sort of looks like she's ready to take somebody down. So ducking might not be a bad idea, right about now.

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But seriously, Lana Rain did a brilliant job with this cosplay. She looks exactly like the beloved Yang. Though we're going to give extra credit for the nice fire effects as well - it was a nice touch.

7 Best Friends Forever

Oh man, we're loving this amazing duo cosplay! Here we have the amazing Yang and with her is Blake Belladonna. And both cosplays are amazing! It's not every day you get to see two cosplays that are such a perfect fit for each other, but that's exactly what we have here.

Yang is being cosplayed by jedimanda while aleestudios is rocking the Blake look hardcore. Together they could fool us all into believing that a live-action movie is on the way!

6 Ready for Battle!

This Ruby Rose is looking like she's ready for a fight. Here we're getting a look at Ruby's iconic weapon - and it's in a form not as commonly seen in cosplays. It's a nice touch, and is certainly going to go a long way in making this cosplay stand out.

Byte Size's Ruby Rose is honestly looking exactly like the character. All of the details are here, from the wardrobe, to the weapon and the hair. It's all pure perfection. Once again, it feels like this could be from the set of a movie in the works.

5 A Poised Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long has come to life in this cosplay by wierdohope. Seriously, she's managed to capture everything we love about the character, from the hair and eyes, to that look of hers. It's making us want to go back and binge the series again, actually. And we're okay with that.

And okay, it's clear that this cosplayer is dealing with some heavy feels. And any fan of the series knows exactly what moment we're talking about. So we completely understand how they're feeling.

4 The Many Faces of Ruby

We're loving this selection of photos, all featuring the one and only Ruby! mamura_senpai_ has brought this adorable leading lady to life, and in all the best ways possible. The variety of photos and backgrounds is very much appreciated. In fact, we certainly wouldn't complain if there were a few more.

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You can tell that this cosplayer really feels in tune with the character she's portraying. And that she's quite passionate about the series. This passion is what keeps fandoms alive.

3 Pensive Qrow Branwen

Wow! This Qrow Branwen is truly amazing! And it's also the only male character on this list. Apparently, the ladies of the series get a whole lot more love, and we're okay with that. Still, we're going to celebrate this amazing cosplay done by sennedjemcosplay. Because it is out of this world.

The attention to detail in this cosplay is seriously impressive. As is the expression our cosplayer has managed to create. Altogether, it's perfect. And we would absolutely love to see more of this.

2 An Armed Ruby

Yet another fantastic Ruby cosplay! We probably shouldn't be surprised by the number of impressive Rubys out in the wild. This Ruby did an excellent job with both Ruby and her iconic weapon - as you can clearly see in this photo. It's sort of stealing the show, after all.

DawnDuo's take on Ruby looks amazing, even with the few minor alterations made. We love her decisions about the hair and wardrobe, they're really working for the whole 'real life' Ruby look.

1 A Moment to Think

And finally, we have one more Ruby Rose cosplay to showcase to our readers. This one was done by devynisaunicorncos, and it looks amazing. We love seeing Ruby in her dress, and looking a bit more relaxed and casual. It's not a side of her you get to see every day (unless you binge the series a lot - which we recommend), so we're going to treasure it.

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