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10 “Arrow”-verse Events We Want to See Undone by “Flashpoint”

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10 “Arrow”-verse Events We Want to See Undone by “Flashpoint”

Earlier this week, rumors that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg would appear in Warner Bros.’ “The Flash” film surfaced online — only to be called into question by director Rick Famuyiwa the very next day. Little else is known about the film, which will hit theaters after “Justice League” arrives next year; “The Flash’s” solo film won’t be in theaters until spring 2018. While we do know that Ezra Miller will play Barry Allen and “Dope” star Kiersey Clemons was recently cast as Iris West, that’s about all the information we have on the film so far.

Since Warner Bros. plans to connect its DC films the same way Marvel Studios does with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s unlimited potential for another big name hero — or villain — to join Miller’s Flash on the big screen. CBR rounded up a few of the top super-people we’d love to see in “The Flash” solo film.

10. Wally West

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Wally West has long been a staple of “Flash” comics, having taken over the mantle himself for a good couple decades. Whether the film introduces him as a younger Kid Flash (which is how he debuted in “The Flash” #110) or as an equal on Barry’s level (similar to The CW’s version of the character), it’s hard to imagine a “Flash” film without everyone’s favorite wisecracking speedster. Considering that Wally’s relative — Clemons’ Iris West — is already slated to be in the film, it’s not a stretch to hope for some kind of role for the younger West.

What’s more, Wally’s inclusion could set up an interesting dynamic for Barry, the more experienced speedster; since Barry made his (brief) debut in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and he’ll be a major player in “Justice League,” he’ll have plenty of screen time to develop into the superhero he’s known to be — which would lead organically into his taking on a mentor role with Wally. Wally could present a new challenge that Barry can’t just speed away from, and a deeply personal one at that, as Wally is related to Barry’s good friend and often love interest Iris. Plus, two speedsters would provide plenty more humor and fun, especially where Wally’s more recent incarnation tends to be a bit more rebellious and stubborn.

9. Nightwing

This one may seem a little out of left field, but hear us out. By the time of “Batman v Superman,” Batman has been long established as a vigilante in the DC Films universe. We know for a fact that he’s had a Robin who died by Joker’s hand, who director Zack Snyder confirmed as Jason Todd — and there’s the hang up. While it certainly isn’t beyond a film adaptation to change up minor details, Jason Todd was not Batman’s first Robin in the comics; Dick Grayson was. Of course, Dick would go on to leave Batman’s side and take up a mantle of his own: Nightwing. It’s easy to imagine that — following Jason’s death and Batman’s descent into murder and violence — Nightwing disassociated himself with his former mentor.

Considering that, he may take interest when the Justice League — Batman’s group of metahumans — steps into the limelight. Perhaps, in moving away from Gotham, Dick landed himself a little closer to the Scarlet Speedster. Additionally, Dick is probably closer in age to the Flash than the rest of the Justice League (with the exception of Cyborg, of course). In 2018, when “The Flash” hits theaters, Miller will turn 26; it’s hard to imagine Barry will be much older than that. As two young heroes with a connection to Batman, the Flash and Nightwing could have an instant rapport. Though Barry and Dick don’t have much of a history in the comics, Kid Flash and Nightwing do, as they were both part of the Teen Titans; in the film universe, Barry and Dick could build a similar relationship, and — maybe with Cyborg — perhaps even a Titans team of their own.

8. Abra Kadabra


The Flash is no stranger to time travel. In fact, his first appearance in the DC Films universe is a time travel incident, where Barry bursts in on a sleeping Bruce Wayne to warn him about the future in “Batman v Superman.” As such, it should come as no surprise that several of the Flash’s villains — including his arch nemesis Reverse Flash — hail from the future.

Abra Kadabra, one of these time-removed villains, hails from the far-flung future of the 64th Century, where science and technology have rendered stage magic completely obsolete — much to the dismay of this aspiring magician. He travels back in time to Flash’s era to wow audiences with his techno-magic, where he runs into trouble with the Scarlet Speedster himself. Abra Kadabra has proved himself to be a thorn in the side of both Barry Allen and Wally West, and he even orchestrated “The Trial of Flash.” Considering the fact that he’s also the culprit behind Wally West’s disappearance from DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch, he’s also an antagonist with some weight behind his punches. Abra Kadabra would be a fun and wacky one-off villain for the Flash to face in his solo film, while also paying homage to the Flash’s frequent dealings with the future. It would be fascinating to watch Abra Kadabra develop from a laughable foe to a terrifying nemesis of the Flash’s own making over the course of the film.

7. Green Lantern

This one is a bit tricky. Since Ryan Reynold’s “Green Lantern” was considered a box office failure, the entire mythology of the character has been a sore subject for Warner Bros.; after all, nothing is more telling than his absence from “Justice League’s” lineup, despite some rumors to the contrary. Nevertheless, Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps remain a popular corner of the DC Comics Universe — and Hal Jordan, the original Emerald Knight, has a connection to one Mr. Barry Allen, as the two are very good friends with one another in the comics.

If Warner Bros. is looking to ease Green Lantern into the DC Films Universe, “The Flash” solo film might just be the place to do it. Hal Jordan — or John Stewart or Guy Gardner or any of the other Lanterns in his place — could be introduced as a friend of Barry Allen’s before he ever receives his ring. The film could even forgo Hal altogether and go straight for Jessica Cruz, one of the stars of “Green Lanterns” and a member of the Justice League who has expressed romantic interest in him. Either way, “The Flash” film would be a great place to introduce a Green Lantern — even if they don’t get their ring until a post-credits stinger.

6. Chunk

Chester P. Runk is the Flash’s foe-turned-friend. A brilliant cosmologist, Chester arrived at MIT with a vendetta against his peers, and — after an accident with a matter transmitting machine left him like a human black hole — he promptly began to use his abilities to get rid of anyone he didn’t like. Fortunately, his powers act as a portal to an alternate universe, and so he never actually killed any of the people he “disappeared,” up to and including the Flash. Flash ultimately convinced him to join the side of the angels, though, and Chunk began his own waste disposal business in order to put his powers to good use.

In most superhero films, the antagonist often lives up to his reputation; even more nuanced portrayals — including “Thor’s” Loki — end with the villain being, well, a villain. “The Flash” film could break the mold with a character like Chunk; instead of locking Chunk up or defeating him, the Flash could talk him down and help him reform.

5. Green Arrow

A very modern version of Oliver Queen has been making the rounds on television in The CW’s “Arrow,” but the classic character — goatee and all — has yet to show up in a live-action film. Thanks to The CW’s DCTV shows, fans may have come to expect something of a friendship between the two, which makes “The Flash” solo film a perfect place to introduce him into the DC Films Universe.

However, fans of the TV series may not know about Green Arrow and the Flash’s rather contentious relationship in the comics. Though both are close friends with Hal Jordan, the two often butted heads over their differing personal beliefs. The introduction of Green Arrow could prove to add a little tension Flash’s life in the film, regardless of the fact they’re on the same side when it comes to taking down the bad guys. Even if Green Arrow didn’t appear as a main or supporting role, a cameo role would still be a fun nod to the comics as well as the Flash’s ever-popular television series of the same name.

4. Peek-a-Boo


What’s the only thing faster than a speedster? A teleporter, of course! Aside from posing a real challenge to the Flash, Peek-a-Boo would make one hell of a sympathetic antagonist in “The Flash” film. Once her metahuman gene kicked in, Lashawn Baez set out to help her ailing father a replacement kidney and runs afoul of both Flash and Cyborg when her attempt to steal from Central City Hospital goes wrong. She ends up in Iron Heights, where she develops a hatred of the Flash. Nevertheless, Lashawn isn’t a bad person, even if she did try to steal a kidney with good intentions; she once rescued Linda Park, Wally West’s wife, when her life was in danger.

By introducing Peek-a-Boo, “The Flash” film would have something that’s a rare find in superhero cinema: a female villain. What’s more, she would prove to be an exceedingly complex foil for the Scarlet Speedster; after all, she used her abilities with good intentions, only to end up in prison for her mistakes. As she reveals to Wally, she wanted to be a hero like the Flash, but he himself dashed her dreams by branding her a Rogue. Peek-a-Boo could prove to be a highly personal villain to the Flash, as well as a hard lesson learned.

3. Elongated Man & Sue Dibny

Long before he became a member of the Justice League, Elongated Man was considered a villain — by the Flash himself! Ralph Dibny debuted in 1960’s “The Flash” #112, where Barry mistook him for a criminal before he began to help the Scarlet Speedster catch the villains who framed him. Elongated Man went on to become a member of the Justice League of America for decades after his encounter with the Flash, up until his pinnacle — and controversial — role in Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales’ “Identity Crisis,” where his beloved wife Sue is murdered.

Considering Elongated Man’s ties to the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film is the perfect time to introduce him to the DC Films Universe. Visually, Elongated Man would a fun character to watch as he bends and contorts across the screen; Warner Bros. could really stick it to Fox’s “Fantastic Four” by creating a truly lovable stretch-powered hero and his lovely wife. Plus, his introduction could grow the Justice League’s ranks down the line.

2. The Rogues

Captain Cold. Mirror Master. Weather Wizard. The Trickster. Captain Boomerang. What do these villains have in common? Why, they’re all members of the Rogues, a group of criminals who have one common enemy: The Flash.

The Rogues have long been a beloved staple in “The Flash” comics, and they’ve counted a number of popular Flash villains among their shifting ranks. By including the Rogues, “The Flash” film would open the door to several fun, wacky antagonists; for instance, if “The Flash” television show could entice Mark Hamill to reprise his role as the Trickster, it’s likely he’d be up to come back for the film (if his schedule allows it, of course).

What’s more, one of the Rogues has already appeared in a DC Film: Captain Boomerang. Jai Courtney’s Boomerang had a very minor role in “Suicide Squad,” and that could be expanded upon in “The Flash.” Plus, Boomerang has already had a close encounter with the Flash, which is how he ended up in Belle Reve in the first place. As opposed as he is to being on a team (he “doesn’t work well with others”), his need for revenge against the Flash could spur him to gather a few of the Scarlet Speedster’s other antagonists and open the audience’s doorway to the Rogues. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

1. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd, the telepathic gorilla, made waves when he appeared on The CW’s “Flash” television series, and there’s no doubt he could do it again by appearing in “The Flash” solo film. While The CW’s “Flash” had to get creative with their shots due to their VFX budget, the sky’s the limit on a big blockbuster film from Warner Bros. “The Flash” film could totally go ape with the character, introducing not only the gorilla himself but the whole of Gorilla City as well. The CW’s “Flash” was able to tease Gorilla City and may even dabble a bit with it next season, but the film opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Gorilla Grodd would take the Flash is a bold new direction that would leave moviegoers talking about it for years, and sentient apes have been popular amongst audiences for years (“Planet of the Apes,” anyone?). Unless Marvel or Fox has an ace up their sleeves, this would likely be the first time anyone would see a spectacle quite like the Flash going up against a village filled with intelligent sapiens. Besides, who wouldn’t love to see a superhero fighting a bunch of gorillas?

Directed by Rick Famuyiwa and starring Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons, “The Flash” is scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 16, 2018.

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