$1 Million Purchase to Fuel TalesOfWonder.com Expansion

Official Press Release

Atlanta - TalesOfWonder.com recently purchased the remaining stock of a selection of Limited Edition statues and collectibles manufactured by Weta Collectibles. Included in the purchase are the V-Rex vs. Kong Statue (one of the most impressive statues recently produced for the collectibles market), Kong's Last Stand Statue, Kong Deluxe Chess Set, Kong: Venatosaurus Attack Statue, Narnia: Peter on Unicorn Statue, Narnia: General Otmin Statue, Narnia: Orieus Statue and Narnia: White Witch Statue. The suggested retail value of the inventory purchased is in excess of $1,000,000.

"This is a landmark purchase for Tales of Wonder," stated TalesOfWonder.com COO Andy Eaton. "It furthers our goal of being the top provider of collectible statues and busts. The quality of Weta's statues and collectibles are among the best in the industry and fits right in with our selections from Bowen Designs, Gentle Giant, Moore Creations, DC Direct and others. We are excited to offer them to our customers at reduced prices." Customers interested in purchasing any of the Weta pieces can visit TalesOfWonder.com or use the following URLs:

Weta Collectibles Sale Catalog:

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