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YouTube Can Be Good – 8/13

by  in Comic News Comment
YouTube Can Be Good – 8/13

Reader Zack Smith sent in these fun Super Powers YouTube clips that I thought you folks would get a kick out of.


First off, here are three vintage Super Powers commercials (the first one from 1984 and the next two from 1985) featuring, as Zack so nicely puts it – “those do it yourself” set-ups that no sane kid could actually put together.” I always DID get a kick out of those!!

Finally, in case you happen to HAVE some Super Powers figures, you’ll enjoy playing along to this…ADVENTURE RECORD!!!

I cannot believe how goofy this is – I love technological innovations right before the REAL technological innovations!! Sorta like the “brilliantly innovative” toy idea in Big.

Thanks for the suggestions, Zack!

If anyone else has any good comic-related YouTube suggestions, let me know!

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