You Decide: What’s The Greatest Multi-Issue Joker-Centric Storyline?

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With the conclusion of Death of the Family this week, we figured we’d ask you what your favorite multi-issue Joker storyline was.

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Read on for a full list of the issue numbers of the above listed stories (there’s not enough room in the polls to give you the full credits)!

“A Death in the Family” (Batman #426-429)
“Batman and Robin Must Die” (Batman and Robin #13-15)
“Death of the Family” (Batman V2 #13-17)
“Emperor Joker” (34-42 in the 2000 Superman triangle numbers)
“Endgame” (Last month of Batman: No Man’s Land)
“Going Sane” (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #65-68)
“The Joker’s Wild” (Robin II #1-4)
“Joker’s Last Laugh” (Joker’s Last Laugh #1-5)
“The Laughing Fish/Sign of the Joker” (Detective Comics #475-476)
“Soft Targets” (Gotham Central #12-15)
“Wildcard!” (Batman #450-451)