You Decide ’11 – What do you like better: Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four or Ditko/Lee Spider-Man?

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Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!

For this question, I’m going to even up the playing field a bit. I want you to compare the two runs based only on Fantastic Four up through Fantastic Four #38, including Annuals #1-3. That gives both runs exactly 41 issues, so they can be compared evenly. That takes Fantastic Four right up to before the Battle for Baxter Building and before Joe Sinnott came on board (and before the Inhumans, Galactus, Silver Surfer, This Man, This Monster, Black Panther, Wyatt Wingfoot, Doctor Doom stealing the Power Cosmic, etc.). It does include the wedding of Reed and Sue and the origin of Doctor Doom (Annuals #3 and 2, respectively). So based just on the 41 issues of each title, which one do you prefer?