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X-Men MMXI: New Mutants

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X-Men MMXI: New Mutants

Lowe added that he loved the classic feel of the X-line where the New Mutants would be eating popcorn in their book when suddenly the Uncanny X-Men would crash through the wall. One of his goals with the relaunch of these titles is to bring that connected feel to the line. “There’s a nice blurring of the edges,” Abnett said as Lanning added that this book was a different challenge from the cosmic line where they were entirely on their own.

Asked whether the Starjammer characters of Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl might be a loose end to tie up, the writers deferred to Lowe who said “In the next calendar year, you will see your #1 pals Alex, Lorna and Rachel.”

As for who the “Groot” of the book would be, the writers said that the phrase “I am Warlock” would soon be a catch phrase amongst Marvel fans.

And the question of whether Wolfsbane might show up, Lowe kidded that the team had a firm “no pregnant women in action” policy and that they hoped to confer with “X-Factor” writer Peter David

Blink’s role in the book is different because she has less past with the proper X-Men characters, but the writers believed that using a heroine such as that helped open up new story potential. “It’s a great excuse to go out and get vast collections of ‘Exiles’ books,” said Lanning who was getting new ideas and character connections from learning more about Blink’s history outside the 616 universe.

Finally, Lowe spoke on the artist of the book will be former “Hulk” and “Punisher MAX” artist Leandro Fernandez who also did the initial “New Mutants” teaser which hit online last week. “He is killing it on this book,” the editor said. “When I saw his first pages for issue #25 I soiled myself…it’ll end up being likely for most Marvel stuff where he does the lion’s share of the book and other guys filling in.” The editor noted that a second artist has already been signed on the book - someone he’s worked with in the past who hasn’t been available to Marvel in years - but he wouldn’t reveal who that is just yet.

“We’re well pleased, I must say,” added Lanning of the second artist noting that the early background sketches for the series made their jaws hit the ground.

“New Mutants” #25 ships to comic shops this May from Marvel Comics. Come back to CBR all week for more X-Men-centered calls.

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