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WonderCon 2013 Photo Parade: Saturday

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WonderCon 2013 Photo Parade: Saturday

WonderCon 2013 has come and gone, leaving behind panel reports, a new season of CBR TV and tons of memories. It may have been a holiday weekend, and Jonah “Party All The Time” Weiland may have been nursing a sinus infection on top of his fading tonsillitis, but that didn’t stop attendees from having a blast!

We’ve already shared the first day in pictures, and below, check out CBR’s photog-on-the-scene Caitlin Holland’s coverage of Day Two from the WonderCon floor.

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Disney Villains Mad Hatter

Saga’s Prince Robot IV Bat-cosplayers

Robocop meets Dark Stalkers Doctor Manhattan – nicely done. Love the white makeup on the eye lids.

Not a clue, but nice costumes. Hogwarts’ faculty members

Elizabeth from Bioshock:Infinite

and Chell from Portal

Nice costume – steampunk sure did seem popular at this year’s WonderCon

Arrow Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock:Infinite

Jean grey & Cyclops Deadpool and Jabba have a disagreement

Adventure Time cosplay was popular at WonderCon Joker and Harley

Lara Croft Cobra

Joker AT-AT

Poer Girl and friend Stay-Puft

Bishop Riddler and Two Face

Spideys She-Axe Cop?

Batgirl Zombiefied Disney princesses

Carla Radames and Ada Wong

from Resident Evil

One of the more bizarre cosplay mashups, but very effective: Booster Gold meets Risky Business-era Tom Cruise

New Mutants-era Raine Sinclair The one true Green Lantern, at least according to Guy Gardner

Male-ificent “tee-hee-hee” – that’s all I hear when I look at this photo.

Star Trek alien ADORABLE Death and Sandman

Suitably creepy Rag Doll cosplay Mystique

Kill Bill Minnie-D2

Vanellope von Schweetz

from Wreck It Ralph

Sonic cosplay

Adorable Things 1 and 2 Game of Thrones or some video game I know nothing about? Nonetheless, nice costume.

Great Catwoman Doctor Who

Something She-Thor

Halo Captain America – that’s pretty rad. Halo

No clue, but cool LEGO Star Wars cosplay