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WonderCon 2013 Photo Parade: Friday

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WonderCon 2013 Photo Parade: Friday

WonderCon 2013 has come and gone, leaving behind panel reports, a new season of CBR TV and tons of memories. It may have been a holiday weekend, and Jonah “I Need A Luden’s” Weiland may have been nursing a sinus infection on top of his fading tonsillitis, but that didn’t stop attendees from having a blast!

Below, check out CBR’s roving photog Caitlin Holland’s pictorial reporting from the show, along with a few choice images from The Buy Pile’s Hannibal Tabu, all accompanied by commentary from Mr. Weiland himself.

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Hannibal Tabu

Mad Hatter Whatever this is, it’s freaking me out! WOAH!

Mad Hatters, plural! Or is that Mad Hattereseseses? Deadpool Celebrates Easter

Steamfunk Jedi Agent Venom

Taskmaster, or a self-described

“Mardi Gras Skeletor”

Caitlin Holland

Naruto Elvis Joker just might rule all

Marceline and Finn from “Adventure Time” Kip Mussatt, Toni Darling as Starbuck,

Rose Ivy Wallace as Lady Mechanika

Steampunk Supergirl, Green Arrow Power Rangers

Gender-swapped Avengers Shock Trooper

Pedobear and gender-swapped Wonder Woman – this might be the worst thing ever. Well, not worse than the extinction of tigers, but bad. Metal Gear in-game joke cosplay

Ms. Marvel Finn from Adventure Time,

Little Sister from Bioshock

Poison Ivy Gravely voice Batman

Dick Tracy Star Trek replica uniforms

11th Doctor Not sure what to quite think of this Batman family cosplay

Gender-swapped Vash the Stampede from Trigun Jawa for Mayor? Well, if you’re running for LA Mayor, you may have a shot.

Superman? Boy? Whatever, put on a shirt, dude, it’s chilly in here. Disnelyand cosplay?

Harry Potter/Doctor Who mash-up Spaceballs!

Dark Helmet – fantastic! Fraggle Rock/Mario Crossover

Street Fighter/Mario crossover!!! A fantastic Harley Quinn- nicely done

Resident Evil’s Rebecca Chambers cosplay Batman/GI Joe crossover

Captain America, Wolverine & Superman Blue? Did that really need to be revisited? We’ve tried so hard to forget that era of Superman. Young Jedi

Iron Man family cosplay – fantastic Avengers In Love (and pajamas) – again, fantastic! Anaheim is bringing it!

A Star Wars romance – apparently this is the droid she’s looking for! Ghostbusters

Huge anime swords Venom, Red Hood

Captain America Not sure, but quite the skirt. Can’t be easy getting around in that..

Scott and Emma Han and Leia

Resident Evil, Devil May Cry cosplay Not sure – someone help me out here.

Walking Dead cast cosplay Uhmmm. Uhmmm. Please stop. Just stop it. Think of the children!

Steampunk Rorschach – love the originality. Catwoman and Riddler

Adventure Time Captain Jack Sparrow

Steampunk Erika from Underworld Pocahontas – fantastic

Not sure if it’s something specific, but rather cool Red Lantern – rage on, dude.

Link and Ralph