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Wolverine, Sgt. Rock, The Spirit: December 12th Comic Reel

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Wolverine, Sgt. Rock, The Spirit: December 12th Comic Reel


Actor Hugh Jackman talked spoilers to Total Film about Gambit and Deadpool. “I have to be very careful how I talk about Deadpool, because it’s something I’m really excited about in the movie, where it plays and how it plays,” Jackman said. “I just can’t think right now how I can tell you about it without giving away some really cool ideas! That’s where David Benioff was really smart, how coolly he brought that character in.”

Directed by Gavin Hood, release date May 1, 2009.


Director Guy Ritchie told MTV that he’s got an actor in mind for the title role, but he’s also got concerns. All he’d say is that the actor is a “new person,” that Easy Company is in the film and that money is a concern. “I think people are slightly intimidated by the size of the budget,” Ritchie said, “but I think we have a good script.”

No release date announced.


Sci-Fi Wire spoke with actor Gabriel Macht about playing the titular role. “I’d never really done that before,” Macht said. “I’d done, like, two days of green screen on some other films. It took me back to my college days, working in a black box in theater, because you’re using your imagination for what’s beyond the cameras or beyond your world, behind you. I was born in the Bronx, and I lived in New York until I was 5, and then I went to New York in my early 20s and lived there. New York is just a part of me, so it was very easy to imagine what was in peripheral vision, and I had Frank and Stu [Maschwitz, the special effects coordinator,] telling me how this movie was going to look, that it would have a similar feel to Sin City, but with a little bit more color. Very often you hear actors having a hard time with green screen, and I think it’s important to know that when you’re acting with a dinosaur or a little mouse, the actors are really working with some guy standing there with a stick with a tennis ball on the end of it.”

Directed by Frank Miller, release date December 25, 2008.


According to Marvel Animation Age, the animated series is heading over to Toon Disney.

Next episode, “Blueprints,” March, 2009.


Hanging out with swingers, has a feature article about Rachel Wood being cast as Mary Jane Watson for the Broadway play and revealing some slight spoilers as well.


Director David Goyer spoke with Shock Till You Drop about tall, dark and toothy. “I heard rumors that they may want to start from scratch with a new person playing Blade. It’s funny because I thought about how I never wanted to do a vampire film ever again because I’m sick of it. But I was reading the Tomb of Dracula Omnibus and I hadn’t read them in a long time and I thought it might be cool to do another vampire movie at some point.”

No release date announced.


CBR News has all the news on awards nominations for the blockbuster film.


Goyer also told Superhero Hype that there was no hurry to bring the master of magnetism to the silver screen. “I think they like the script and they’re just waiting to see what happens with ‘Wolverine,'” Goyer said. “I don’t think they would consider moving forward until the movie comes out.”


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