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Wizard World: Los Angeles Photo Parade – Day 2

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Wizard World: Los Angeles Photo Parade – Day 2

Sunday at Wizard World: Los Angeles wasn’t nearly as crowded as Saturday was, but there were still plenty of creators to meet and attendees in costume to mock, err, take pictures of. Yeah! In addition to the photos by Jonah Weiland below, CBR staffer Hannibal Tabu and CBR reader Jacob Atienza contributed to this batch. Thanks, guys! Now, on to the photos.

Bernard Chang DC’s Bob Wayne and Wildstorm’s Scott Dunbier
Chuck Austen James Denning and Aaron Sowd
Continuing something of a theme started at CCI in 2003, here’s not so happy Erik Larsen… … and the ever so happy Erik Larsen! Of the two, this is the one you want to pitch your series to.
That “Hellboy” gang of Mike Mignola, Ron Perlman, Guillermo del Toro and Selma Blair. Jonathan Hensleigh and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Thomas Jane is interviewed by Playboy TV. Thomas Jane signs an autograph for a fan.
Jim Mahfood John Romita Jr.
“Flight’s” Kazu Kibuishi Kevin Smith
Too many jokes. Must resist temptation to write dirty captions. Kurt Busiek
So, how about you and me, drinks, after the show? Yes? Hello? Sir, please remove the odd looking wolf costume. You’re freaking the people.
Possibly the most important meeting held all weekend. “Subatomic’s” Patrick Neighly
The Punisher’s ride … …which is pretty ghetto on the inside!
Punisher. Lady. Sean Chen
Image’s Eric Stephenson and “Hawaiian Dick’s” B. Clay Moore William O’Neil
Okay, got a little story to share. So I’m walking the convention floor and I happen upon Tomm Coker’s table and sitting behind it is the gentleman on the left. I introduced myself and asked if Tomm was around and he said, “I’m Tomm Coker!” I was skeptical. Tomm Coker’s a teenage? I’d never met him before, and I didn’t want to be rude, so I took the picture and went on my way. About 20 minutes later I end up at another booth and sure enough, there’s Tomm Coker (pictured here on the left)! I told Tomm my story and he laughed, telling me it was his son manning the table, who thinks his Dad would get more work and more fans if people thought he was a 14 year old kid.

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