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Whatever Happened to Good Movie Songs?

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
Whatever Happened to Good Movie Songs?

If there’s one thing that this weekend’s Men in Black 3 does, it’s offer a particular nostalgia. No, not for when Will Smith movies were good (Yeah, Hancock is the kind of stink that sticks around, Will. Sorry), but for when pop songs were part of the whole movie package.

Okay, so the hype surrounding Soundgarden’s contribution to the Avengers movie may have had you think that music was still an integral part of the summer moviegoing experience, but anyone who’s seen the movie knows better. Not only is the song a dirge (Sorry, Soundgarden fans, but you know it’s true. I mean —

— come on. You know it’s true), but it’s entirely absent from the movie until the end credits, by which point audiences are already in shock and awe from the movie itself and not really caring about the music because they’re either leaving the theater or thinking about the post-credits scene that they know is coming.

But think about the glory days of musical tie-ins to movies! Like this!

(Godzilla, by the way, was the first movie to have a soundtrack made up of songs not in the movie, creating the “Music from and Inspired By” tag.)

Or, perhaps more appropriately to the subject, this!

And what about this, which was far better than I remembered!

Sure, it’s no Bond theme, the zenith of music-in-action movies, I think we can all agree – and speaking of which:

Oh, Shirley. Never stop – but am I the only one who feels as if more movies need elaborate opening titles featuring songs sung by today’s hottest stars instead of the hottest stars of twenty years ago (Really, Soundgarden? Although I guess that’s still more modern than Iron Man 2‘s AC-DC tie-in)?

I’m throwing this one open to you, dear readers: What are your favorite movie songs, and do you also wish that today’s blockbusters put a little bit more thought into choosing their music? Fill the comments with YouTube videos!

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