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What Don’t We Know About Superman’s Movie Return?

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
What <i>Don’t</i> We Know About Superman’s Movie Return?

So, now we know that Zack Snyder will be directing the new Superman movie, we know that David Goyer has written the script, and we know that General Zod is heavily rumored to be the villain. So why does it still feel as if we need to know more?

It’s odd to feel as if there’s a lot about the Superman reboot that’s being kept secret; in addition to everything listed above, there’s also a plot logline floating around – Clark Kent travels the world as a journalist, deciding whether or not to become Superman – that many have pegged to mean that the movie will reflect Mark Waid’s wonderful, overlooked Superman: Birthright comic in some way, even if it sounds more like Smallville: The International Edition to me. But it does; for whatever reason, the Superman movie still feels like something we’re being kept from, in some way… I don’t know if it’s that we’re so used to knowing everything about movies in advance from spoilers, teaser trailers and casting announcements, or that Superman in particular inspires such trepidation and anxiety out of fear that it’ll be done “wrong” (See: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace or, for some, Superman Returns, although I’m one of the few who likes that movie… Not to mention any of the unmade Superman movies that were developed in between the two).

But short of everyone being able to read Goyer’s script – already being described as “a mess”, of course – or having some Kryptonian supercomputer that shows them the future, what else is there to know about the movie? There hasn’t been any casting done, as far as anyone knows, nor has Snyder even started work on the movie (and he isn’t expected to until his Sucker Punch is completely finished), so… don’t we actually already know everything that there is to know already? It’s almost not even worth speculating about, because right now, there’s not anything to really speculate on that isn’t… well, completely speculative. For all we know, Snyder is going to CGI motioncap all of the characters on performances from William Shatner and Betty White (Now, there‘s a rumor I want to see picked up on Ain’t It Cool).

I mean: Yes, I’m excited and nervous about how the movie is going to turn out, as well. I love Superman as a character, and I want to be able to love his movies, as well. Snyder makes me nervous as the choice of director based on his previous movies, but, so what? Maybe this is the one where it’ll all come together for me; I won’t even be able to guess how true that’ll end up being until we know more about the movie, though, and right now, there just isn’t any more to know. So, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about the thing until someone’s willing to give us some more facts – or, at least, well-sourced rumors – because, otherwise? We’ll be sick of the movie before the movie’s even been made.

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