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WC12: Photo Parade, Part 1

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WC12: Photo Parade, Part 1

WonderCon 2012 is a memory, but the photos — the photos will last forever! As is our wont, CBR presents the first of two comprehensive WonderCon Photo Parades, bringing you the sights and excitement from Anaheim, California. From pros on panel to cosplayers in the aisles, CBR’s picture journey to the days of last week is hosted, as always, by Executive Producer Jonah Weiland.

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The following photos were taken by Pinguino Kolb

Dirk Wood Jason Ciaramela

“Smoke & Mirrors'” Jon Armstrong Jon Armstrong leading an audience through a magic trick

The Rocketeer pays a surprise visit Oh wait, it was Mark Waid

Kevin Grazier Richard Hatch

Joseph Linsner Batman & Friends!

Freaking me out! Possibly the droids you’re looking for.

Greg Horn with a head growing out of his shoulder. MIGHT want to get that checked out, Greg. Alex Sinclair

Blond Mike Kennedy

Mike Costa Humberto Ramos

Michael Alan Nelson Gambit

Joe Kelly Michael Chang, director of Superman Vs. The Elite

Robin Atkin Downes Jim McCann

It looks like some fans want WonderCon back in San Francisco. Fantastic Fury and Black Widdow.

Beanworld’s Larry Marder Batton Lash and Jackie

Todd Nauck Mike Mignola

The following photos were taken by Caitlin Holland


Clark and Diana Spartan photobombed by My Little Ponies

Halo Spartan Hawkgirl

Fantastic Enchantress cosplay Yo Joe! And Poison Ivy!!

Not a clue Doc Ock!

Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) suprised So that’s Lucas’ secret…

Again, not a clue. Great GL bathrobe. Not sure about wearing it to a con…

Elepheantmen cosplay You can always find Waldo at a comic convention

Len Wein JMS

Jedi “The Cape’s” Jason Ciaramella and Joe Hill

Doctor Who Cap and Bucky

The following photos were taken by Hannibal Tabu

Nick Fury sports stylish shoes Black Widow sure has become popular

An awesome Katma Tui EDIT: Or is it Soranik Natu as reader Zachary Harrison pointed out? Miles Morales

CBR {hearts} Nerd Girls, too Again, no idea.