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Watchmen, Brave and the Bold, Incredible Hulk 2: January 7th Comic Reel

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Watchmen, Brave and the Bold, Incredible Hulk 2: January 7th Comic Reel


What’s the best sign that the planned March release date is in danger? How about this Japanese trailer which shows a different release date. International discrepancy, or Warner Bros. hedging its bets?

Directed by Zack Snyder.


Speaking of video, we got an email from Ed noting two new clips from the animated series.

Editor: CBR has added the two B&tB videos as well as a slew of screenshots from the episode here.

Next episode January 9, 2009, “Enter the Outsiders.


Actor Tim Roth is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about more Abomination time. “Yeah, they’ve got me for three,” Roth said. “If we do one. I liked working with Louis very much, so if he’s up to anything, I’ll probably jump in with him.”

No release date announced.


A new rumor for Ain’t It Cool News has some possible casting information. “At the top of the to-cast list for director Steven Spielberg (and producer Peter Jackson): a new Tintin to replace Thomas Sangster, who got knocked out due to scheduling conflicts when the project was delayed. But who knows? Maybe they’ll start with Snowy the dog. And maybe they’ll offer it to Howie Mandel.”

Release date: some time in 2010.


Speaking of rumors, the latest from Latino Review is that Lex Luthor is out (or at least minimized) and a “new villain” is in. “Writers have been told to come in to the studio to pitch a story with a new villain but again, the WB hasn’t bit on anything they heard yet.”

No release date announced.


We got an email from Richard S. noting that if you look at the small print on the back of the “Wonder Woman” animated movie, you’ll notice that the next animated feature will focus on earth’s representative from Oa.

No release date.


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