Warlash: Dark Noir Signed Pack #1 (Preview)

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Features a collection of Warlash:Dark Noir #1-3 ALL signed by creator Frank Forte. Also included is a Warlash Vs. Zombie print signed by Frank Forte. Warlash, armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back. These issues reintroduce Warlash with eight tales of hard boiled crime noir terror. In “Phlegm Fatale” Warlash battles a biogenic beast in the sewers below Pittsburgh. By Frank Forte “Grubbs” introduces Warlash to the seedy underside of the city he is sworn to protect. Art by Steve Mannion. In Wormwar part 1, a secret formula is stolen from an underground lab and Warlash must find out who by Szymon Kudranski. In “The Demon”, Warlash is confronted with a satanic rite and hell spawned beast they have released. Other creators feature Royal McGraw, Nenad Gucunja and J.C. Wong. Covers by Bruno Werneck and Aly Fell. Comes bagged and boarded.