Vampirella Vol. 2: A Murder of Crows TPB (Preview)

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Vampirella’s back and on the hunt! Dynamite Entertainment’s mistress of the dark continues her supernatural adventures, running a gauntlet of murder and despair across an increasingly imperiled globe. A trio of demoness assassins — the Kerasu Shimei (the “Crow Sisters”) — have clawed their way into our world and are intent on building a bloody monument to murder, sin and mayhem, and it will take all of Vampirella’s considerable skill to send them screaming back to Hell… And in a special guest story, a terrifying exorcism awaits Vampirella and her companion, Sofia Murray, in Germany. But this particular demon isn’t ready for eviction just yet…

Collection features:
• Issues eight through eleven of the critically-acclaimed series by Eric Trautmann, Fabiano Neves, Heubert Khan Michael, Brandon Jerwa and Johnny Desjardins
• Complete cover gallery featuring the art of Paul Renaud, Ale Garza, and Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic!

“Vampirella is a unique horror heroine, a neoclassic monster fighter more in the vein of Kolchak the Night Stalker than the sun-sparkle vampires that have taken over the genre. If you appreciate horror, but a work with a ray of hope, check out the latest volume of Vampirella.” — Comics Bulletin

“Vampires, fighty-fighty, strong female character, and good versus evil. What’s not to like?” — Major Spoilers