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V for Vendetta, Super Ex Girlfriend, Sin City: October 14th Comic Reel Wrap

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V for Vendetta, Super Ex Girlfriend, Sin City: October 14th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Superhero Hype, the Motion Picture Association of America has given the Alan Moore/David Lloyd adaptation an “R” rating for strong violence and some language.


The newly renamed comedy is getting more press, this time with female lead Uma Thurman talking to USA Today. “I’m playing a grouchy superhero — a woman scorned,” said Thurman, “I’ve always wanted to do a comedy, and nobody ever let me. I’ve been banging down the door. I love to laugh. It saves my life on a daily basis.” The film is currently slated to hit theatres on July 14th, 2006 (the same day as Sony’s “Ghost Rider”).


The Hollywood Reporter has an article about the Platinum Studios graphic novel, freshly optioned by NBC Universal Television as a half hour scripted comedy series. Executive producers Chris Conti, who is working under his overall producing deal with NBC Uni TV, and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios, came up with the idea.


Kryptonsite has two new images from next week’s episode, “Aqua,” as well as screen captures from the trailer for that episode as well.


The December 13th DVD will have all brands of new material, and there’s an all-new gallery of images from it over at MovieWeb.


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