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Transformers, Superman Returns, Ex Machina, Ghost Rider: July 14th Comic Reel Wrap

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Transformers, Superman Returns, Ex Machina, Ghost Rider: July 14th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Superhero Hype, the Robots in Disguise will hit silver screens July 4th, 2007 (pushed back from November 17, 2006).


Will it be as swank as the manor on “Smallville?” is pointing people to a first look at the home of Lex Luthor, as played by Kevin Spacey, in the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to the critically acclaimed comic book “Ex Machina” by creators Brian Vaughan and Tony Harris. Chris Bender and JC Spink are producing via their Benderspink shingle.

GHOST RIDER has a photo gallery from the convention floor in San Diego, including looks at the Hellcycle, a Transformers pavilion and more.


Two last featurettes from the studio in glorious QuickTime, including “Inside The CG Process; Human Torch” (56k, 300k) and “Inside The CG Process; Invisible Woman” (56k, 300k).


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