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TOP presents a new ‘Wrenchies’ story by Farel Dalrymple

by  in Comic News Comment presents a new ‘Wrenchies’ story by Farel Dalrymple

This week brought the release of one of my most-anticipated graphic novels of the year — The Wrenchies, by Farel Dalrymple of Omega the Unknown, Pop Gun War, Prophet and It Will All Hurt fame. Available now from First Second, the book begins by telling the story of a demented future where a gang of children, The Wrenchies, battle the evil shadowsmen.

If you’d like to get a taste of what to expect from the book, is now hosting a 10-page webcomic called “Remainder.” Created by Dalrymple, the story tells the tale of Leking Snipes, who has been transformed into a man with a gun … and the head of a bug. Go check it out.

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