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Top 25 Black Comic Book Writers #15-11

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Top 25 Black Comic Book Writers #15-11

Here are the next five writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time.

15. John Ridley

Besides being an Academy Award-winning screenwriter (he won the Oscar for his screenplay to 12 Years a Slave) and a brilliant television writer (he has written for many shows over the years and most recrntly, he is the creator and showrunner of the excellent American Crime TV series), Ridley also has written a number of comics, primarily for Wildstorm Comics, including a graphic novel starring The Authority and the excellent maxi-series, The American Way (drawn by Georges Jeanty), about government-created superheroes during the early 1960s…

Ridley is currently working on a Marvel-related show for ABC.

14. Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas has written a number of comics over the years, including a long run on Voltron for IDW and a Shatterstar mini-series for Marvel. However, he is probably best known for his brilliant creator-owned series, Miranda Mercury, along with artist Lee Ferguson.

Miranda Mercury is a science hero, basically like a superhero, only science fiction style. In the first issue, we discover that she is dying. Therefore, when she and her sidekick, the genius Jack Warning, have successfully rescued a special puzzle known as the Ronin’s Riddle and Jack learns that whoever solves it can be granted a wish. Jack decides to solve it by developing a drug that will amplify his and Miranda’s thought processes. His intent is for him to solve it so that he can save her life. It goes differently than he expected…

Such an excellent, heartfelt comic book work.

13. Keith Knight

Keith Knight produces a variety of thoughtful, sharp, topical AND hilarious comic strips and has done so for years.

There’s the daily Knight Life

The editorial cartoon styling of (th)ink…

and the more personal, introspective K Chronicles…

All of them are awesome.

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12. Kevin Grevioux

Kevin Grevioux has had a long career in TV and film, both as an actor and as a writer (he created the Underworld film franchise) but he has long been heavily involved in the world of comic books, as well.

He’s written a number of comic books, including tie-in comics to the worlds of Underworld and his most recent film, I, Frankenstein. He also wrote New Warriors for Marvel and perhaps his most famous work, Adam: The Legend of Blue Marvel, introducing a “forgotten” Marvel Golden Age hero known as the Blue Marvel, who has become a prominent figure in the Marvel Universe the last couple of years.

In recent years, he’s written a few Spider-Man comic book projects (while obviously staying quite busy outside of comics).

11. Ray Billingsley

Debuting in 1988, Ray Billingley’s Curtis comic strip quickly became the most successful black comic strip of its time, and is still syndicated in over two hundred newspapers around the country (which is a really high level of syndication nowadays).

Curtis is about an 11-year-old boy named Curtis and his family (his father, mother and little brother), his friends (his best friend is a kid named Gunk from a mysterious island country) and the girls in his life (Michelle and Chutney).

Here are a few strips showing the various sides of Curtis’ life…

Billingsley has always been particularly successful embracing aspects of black culture that sometimes get glossed over. For instance, he spends a lot of time every year on Kwanzaa.

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