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This October, Deadites will Rule the World!

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This October, Deadites will Rule the World!

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today has released images and information announcing the third issue if their all new Army of Darkness series, Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #3, which is slated for an October release.

Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #3 features another stunning script by James Kuhoric, awesome art by Fernando Blanco and sure-to-be coveted spook-tacular covers by Arthur Suydam (75%) and a vicious variant chance cover by Fabiano (Marvel Zombies vs. the Army of Darkness) Neves, this is destined to be THE most talked about AOD series yet!

In October, Ash continues to explore the Deadite infested wastes of Detroit as he attempts to wrestle control of the world back from Evil Ash and his Deadite minions! Evil Ash sits atop the remains of Detroit as the Chosen One (that’s Ash to his friends) gathers his crew of mutants and misfits in a desperate attempt to remake the world into something slightly less dead and rotting! Will he be able to wrest control of the Deadite Kingdom from his worse half in time!?!?

Also, AOD fans should ask their retailer about the special “Foil” edition of Army of Darkness: From the Ashes #3 which features Ash playing “king of the skull” with a Deadite horde by Arthur Suydam!

Army of Darkness: From the Ashes continues the adventures of everyone’s favorite wisecracking, chainsaw-wielding, boomstick-carrying hero of multiple realities, Ashley J. Williams, as he returns from the cross-over of all cross-overs in the world of Marvel Zombies! Army of Darkness: From the Ashes picks up directly after the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness limited series with Ash returning to his own reality… but what a world it’s become! Evil Ash and his Deadite hordes rule the land and everywhere Ash turns is filled with mutants and monsters! Can Ash J. Williams gather his “chosen” and take down the Deadite hordes and restore order to the world?

Along with being the “chosen one” in the constant battle against the Deadites and the evil of the Necronomicon, Ashley J. William’s adventures in Dynamite’s Army of Darkness series have had him trekking through realities and facing horror icons such as the Re-Animator, Darkman and even Dracula.

ARMY OF DARKNESS: FROM THE ASHES #3 (AUG073507) Writer: James Kuhoric; Penciller: Fernando Blanco; Colorist: Ivan Nunes; Covers: Arthur Suydam (75%), Fabiano Neves (25%)



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