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The Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told!

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The Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told!

Every day we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator. These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told!


10. “Untitled” Secret Origins Special #1

Harvey Dent’s ex-wife Grace tells an interviewer about the time that Harvey fought the control of his obsession with his coin-flipping to save her from a criminal Harvey had put away back in his District Attorney days. Mark Verheiden wrote it, Pat Broderick and Dick Giordano drew it. How the heck did they miss giving the story a title?

9. Two-Face: Crime and Punishments OGN

Working in an area quite familiar to readers of his past work, J.M. DeMatteis does a great job exploring Harvey Dent’s childhood with his abusive father. Scott McDaniel did the artwork.

8. “Lucky Day” Batman: Gotham Adventures #2

Harvey’s abusive father Lester wins the lottery ($2.2 million, of course). As he accepts his winnings on live television, Two-Face shows up to let the whole world know the truth about his father (as well as ruin his father’s lucky day). Ty Templeton wrote it and Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty drew it.

7. Batman: Dark Victory #1-13

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale depict the early days of Harvey as Two-Face in this sequel to the Long Halloween.

6. “Faces” Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30

In this storyline by Matt Wagner, Two-Face decides to form a whole new COUNTRY filled with “freaks” like him. It does not go well.

The top five is on the next page!

5. “Half a Life” Gotham Central #6-10

In this excellent (if dark) tale, Two-Face actually outs Renee Montoya and frames her for murder as part of his sick obsession with her. He believes that he and Renee are meant for each other, despite her being, you know, gay. This is the culmination of years’ worth of stories Greg Rucka had written featuring Montoya and Two-Face’s relationship slowly building until it got to this point. Michael Lark did the art.

4. “Half an Evil” Batman #234

Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano brought Two-Face back to the Bat-books with this story about Two-Face seemingly sinking a ship after he robbed it. What’s his plan? Batman figured it out – can YOU? This was the first new Two-Face story in the Batman books in nearly twenty years!

3. “Two of a Kind” Batman: Black and White #1

Bruce Timm wrote and drew this powerful story of a “cured” Harvey Dent settling down with the beautiful and charming plastic surgeon who fixed his face. The problem is, she didn’t tell Harvey about her immoral twin sister. As you might imagine, things don’t go so well. The ending of this story is absolutely brilliant.

2. Batman: The Long Halloween #1-13

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale give us the origin of Two-Face as the back-drop of this tale of Batman facing a serial killer. As it turns out, the serial killer at least partially has a very close connection to Harvey Dent.

1. “The Eye of the Beholder” Batman Annual #14

Andy Helfer, Chris Sprouse and Steve Mitchell did this follow-up to Frank Miller’s Year One where they delve deeper into the origins of Harvey Dent. Really, pretty much every story written about Two-Face’s origins and his past since this annual used this annual as the basis for their plot. In particular, it introduced Harvey’s abusive childhood to Harvey’s origin (especially the bit about how Harvey got the two-headed coin from his father. His father used to use it to play a sick game on Harvey. “Heads, I beat you. Tails, I leave you alone.”

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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