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The Greatest Jim Starlin Stories Ever Told!

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The Greatest Jim Starlin Stories Ever Told!

Every day in April we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Jim Starlin Stories Ever Told!


We’re behind, so I’m just going to give you bare bones descriptions to catch up…

10. Cosmic Odyssey #1-4

Written by Starlin with art by Mike Mignola and Carlos Garzon.

The heroes of Earth are brought into battle with Darkseid and his forces as the evil head of Apokolips seems poised to finally possess the Anti-Life Equation. Perhaps best known (besides the awesome Mignola art) as John Stewart’s cockiness in his abilities leading to an entire planet being destroyed.

9. Thanos Quest #1-2

A couple of people combined this (written by Starlin with art by Ron Lim and John Beatty) with The Return of Thanos in Silver Surfer #34-38, which ended up as #11 on its own. Combined, they’d be around #6 on the list.

Anyhow, the now revived Thanos sets off to collect the Infinity Gems from each of their current owners in his quest to put together the most powerful force in the galaxy – the Infinity Gauntlet (hint: he succeeds).

8. “The Metamorphosis Odyssey: Book Three” Dreadstar #1-31

Chad Nevett insists that I treat these issues as one story, and since if I didn’t do so, Dreadstar wouldn’t make the list (which just seemed so wrong, since obviously enough people voted for parts of this story that it made the list otherwise) so I figured I’d count it this way.

Anyhow, this is about Vanth Dreadstar and his small band of rebels as they try to first topple the Monarchy but also the Church of the Instrumentality.

7. “Death in the Family” Batman #426-429

Written by Starlin with art by Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo, this is the storyline where readers got to vote to decide Jason Todd’s fate. They voted for him dying, which is just what happened, and Batman would never quite be the same again.

6. “The Thanos War” Captain Marvel #25-33

Written by Starlin and Mike Friedrich with art by Starlin and a bunch of different inkers.

Thanos is always trying to find super-powerful objects to help with his obsession with mass murdering (by mass I mean MASS) and in this story, he tries to take control of the Cosmic Cube and Captain Marvel and a variety of heroes must try to stop him. During this storyline, Captain Marvel was given a makeover by Starlin.

The top five is on the next page!

5. “The Metamorphosis Odyssey: Book One” Epic Illustrated #1-9

Effectively the prelude to Dreadstar, this storyline (written and painted by Starlin) was Starlin’s first expansive creator-owned work. Everyone’s favorite Dreadstar fanatic Chad Nevett summmed up the plot as so:

Aknaton, an immortal mystic/’god’ from the race Osirosian, collects a group to end an ongoing conflict with the conquering, unstoppable Zygoteans. The Zygoteans wiped out Aknaton’s race basically and they were, as far as we’d be concerned, gods. Immortal, highly advanced, and unable to stop the Zygoteans, only slow them. Aknaton has come to the conclusion that the entire Milky Way galaxy will fall to the Zygoteans and puts into action his ‘final solution.’ Centuries before, he planted the seeds for this plan on various worlds. There’s Za, the first of his cannibal race to achieve intelligence, Juliet, a 15-year-old girl from Kansas (Aknaton seems to be the inspiration for the Egyptian pantheon), and Whis’Par, the culmination of the artificial life Aknaton had created on the forest world. He also retreives Vanth Dreadstar, a warrior leading his world against the Zygoteans thanks to a mystical sword that Aknaton left on his world. It’s bonded to them, appearing when he needs it, giving him advanced strength, and healing abilities. Aknaton’s plan is to destroy the Milky Way galaxy using the Infinity Horn, a weapon of such destructive capabilities and requiring Za, Juliet, and Whis’Par to use it and also have them transcend to become a new kind of being.

4. Infinity Gauntlet #1-6

Written by Starlin, art by George Perez, Ron Lim and Joe Rubinstein

What do you do when a villain obsessed with Death gets control of the most powerful object in the galaxy? That’s what we find out in this mini-series where Adam Warlock must lead the heroes of Earth in a battle against the power-mad Thanos.

3. Magus Saga (Strange Tales #178-181, Warlock #9-11)

Written and penciled by Starlin, inks by Al Milgrom mostly.

Starlin revived Warlock, who was pretty much in limbo and set him against the evil Universal Church of Truth, which turns out is ruled by an evil version of Warlock from the future. Can Warlock defeat a villain who is himself? This storyline introduced Warlock’s supporting cast of Pip the Troll and Gamora, the deadliest woman in the universe.

2. “The Final Threat” Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2

Written by Starlin, drawn by Starlin and Joe Rubinstein

Starlin resolves all of his open plots from his Warlock run with this epic two-parter that sees the final fate of pretty much all of the cast members of Starlin’s Warlock series.

1. “The Death of Captain Marvel” Marvel Graphic Novel #1

Written and drawn by Jim Starlin

A mature, touching look at how a hero handles death when it appears in one of its most un-“epic” forms, a hero brought low by cancer.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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