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The Greatest Bill Sienkiewicz Stories Ever Told!

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The Greatest Bill Sienkiewicz Stories Ever Told!

Every day in April we will reveal the greatest stories ever told starring a particular character or written/drawn by a particular creator (and throughout the month, you’ll get daily chances to vote for NEXT week’s lists). These lists are voted on by YOU, the reader!

Here is the list of characters/creators featured so far (along with the rules on how to vote).

Today’s list is the Greatest Bill Sienkiewicz Stories Ever Told!


10. “Shadowplay: The Secret Team” Brought to Light

Sienkiewicz and Alan Moore explore the darker side of the history of the CIA in this acclaimed work that sadly has been out of print for quite awhile now, or else I bet it would be a good deal higher on the list.

9. “Soulwar” New Mutants #26-28

Sienkiewicz and writer Chris Claremont introduce Legion, the son of Professor X, who has multiple personalities.

8. “Blood Feud” Uncanny X-Men #159/X-Men Annual #6

In this beautifully drawn two-parter by Sienkiewicz and Bob Wiacek, Storm is bitten by Count Dracula. The X-Men must then fight to save their friend. Chris Claremont did a fine job following in the gigantic footsteps of Marv Wolfman on the Dracula character.

7. “Hit It” Moon Knight #26

Sienkiewicz and writer Doug Moench explore the cycle of violence in this acclaimed one-off issue where a man flips out when he learns that his father (who abused him his whole childhood) has died before the man could get his revenge. He goes on a rampage. Moon Knight tries to stop the cycle of violence but he discovers that it is more powerful than he expects.

6. Big Numbers #1-2

Sienkiewicz and Alan Moore only published two issues of this epic about, of all things, a shopping center being developed in a town in England. The story shows how something as simple as a shopping center project can have a profound effect on all sorts of various characters. It’s at once intricate and sprawling, with stunning photo-realistic artwork by Sienkiewicz (Moore wanted to stress how “real” the story was).

The top five is on the next page!

5. Stray Toasters #1-4

Written and drawn by Sienkiewicz, this tells the tale of a criminal psychologist on the trail of a serial killer.

4. “Love and War” Marvel Graphic Novel #24

This graphic novel sort of bridged the gap between Frank Miller’s first Daredevil run and his acclaimed return to the title for Born Again. The Kingpin is trying to cure his wife’s mental problems, and of course he goes about it in a totally messed up way, kidnapping the wife of a psychologist. However, the man he hires to kidnap the woman becomes obsessed with her. The whole story is a fascinating examination about the power of love and of obsession. Sienkiewicz gave the whole thing a nice surreal quality.

3. “Shadows and Light” Shadow #1-6

Sienkiewicz and Andy Helfer help launch a new Shadow ongoing series for DC Comics. Helfer does a great job with the Shadow cast and Sienkiewicz’s layouts and character designs are outstanding.

2. “Demon Bear Saga” New Mutants #18-21

Sienkiewicz more or less blew the minds of New Mutants readers when he joined writer Chris Claremont on New Mutants with this storyline, which introduced Warlock to the team. #21 is technically a separate issue, but I think I’ll count it as an epilogue to the earlier issues, since it wouldn’t make the list on its own. #21 is an excellent “Slumber Party” issue.

1. Elektra: Assassin #1-8

A true modern epic, Frank Miller and Sienkiewicz combine for a twisted, sprawling story about a SHIELD agent sent to capture Elektra, who is trying to prevent the “Beast” from getting a figurehead named Ken Wind elected President. It is a wonderfully offbeat satire of politics, action films and comic books themselves (the depiction of women, the overabundance of ninjas and violence, etc.). Think of this as Frank Miller trying to give a Garry Trudeau-effect on a superhero adventure. Sienkiewicz is basically the PERFECT artist for such an offbeat approach. This is a marvelous comic book work.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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