The Event Prepares Its Big First Year Finale

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<i>The Event</i> Prepares Its Big First Year Finale

It may still be early days for NBC’s new conspiratorial series The Event, but one thing’s for sure: We’ll get some level of closure from the show – It’s just been confirmed for a full first season.

The Event was one of three NBC shows to get a full season order yesterday, with both Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced sharing the success of receiving the “back nine.” NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad is quoted as saying “We are pleased with the quality of The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced, and feel they are an important part of helping to re-build our schedule and our studio pipeline… We believe in these new series and the creative auspices behind them,” but the most interesting part of this Hollywood Reporter story is this part:

The news does mean, however, that Event fans will have a stronger chance of finding out what “The Event” actually is — sources say its reveal is planned for near the end of the first season.

A real reveal? Then what happens if the show gets a second season…?