The Boondock Saints: In Nomine Patris #2 (Preview)

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Story by
Art by
Guus Floor
Colors by
Matt Browning
Letters by
Infusion Studios
Cover by
Chris Brunner
12 Gauge Comics

In the second installment of this long-awaited comic series, writers TROY DUFFY (creator/writer/director of the BOONDOCK SAINTS films) and J.B. LOVE continue to explore and reveal the history of NOAH McMANUS; follow his bloody rise to infamy and his eventual transformation into the ghost-like, universally feared vessel for God’s wrath — Il Duce!

Meanwhile, the beloved brothers McMANUS infiltrate a chop-shop run by cohorts of Concezio Yakavetta- and it’s payback time! Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the inaugural BOONDOCK SAINTS comic event!