Test your continuity chops with the Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart

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David Brothers over at the 4thletter! reviews a “pictorial tapestry” (hey, that’s what the publisher’s website calls it) called the Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart.

I’m not sure how to put this thing into words, but it looks simply awesome. See the picture above for what the front looks like. David also describes what’s on the back. “On the flipside of the chart is a continuity wonk’s dream: pages and pages of info on your favorite characters. They’re sorted by theme, rather than character, so you can see things about teams, kid heroes, origins, names, and so on. There’s even a bit on marriages,” he said.

David’s also uploaded more pictures of it to Flickr, and he’s holding a contest to win a copy. So click on over there and see if you can win one.