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Test Your Comic Book Knowledge! – 10/4

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Test Your Comic Book Knowledge! – 10/4

Here’s a 20-question comic book trivia quiz. Try and see how many you know!

It’s a Small World, After All

Name the (non-US) countries that these Marvel and DC superheroes are from.


1. Templar
2. Wolverine
3. Wild Huntsmen
4. Defensor
5. Impala
6. Banshee
7. Fire
8. Godiva
9. Talisman (female)
10. Nightcrawler
11. Ice
12. Honey Lemon
13. Crimson Fox
14. Talisman (male)
15. Bushmaster
16. Ursa Minor
17. Thunderlord
18. Arabian Knight
19. Spitfire
20. Tuatara

Good luck, and have fun!

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