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Temptation’s Page Voting Time!

by  in Comic News Comment
Temptation’s Page Voting Time!

A couple of weeks back I told you all about our new art contest – I give you an actual script page from a comic book and you draw the page. A whole pile of you (over50!) responded and now we have all of the entries to show you all!

The top entry will be announced Sunday, based on YOUR votes, plus a judging panel that will include Andy Diggle, the noted comic book writer who wrote the page in question!


Before I go on, here’s the page in question again:

1) The Killer FIRES right at us with the other Uzi; a deep perspective, in-yer-face image —


2) Batman DIVES through a narrow serving hatch which leads from the back of the living room into the kitchen; the trail of bullet impacts tracks him relentlessly —

3) Over the shoulder shot. The Killer aims into the darkened, open doorway of the kitchen. Blackness within.


4) Same angle. The Killer swings the weapon to the right, now aiming through the open bedroom doorway – straight at the BABY GIRL, who stands in her cot, watching quietly, oblivious as to what’s about to happen…



5) The Killer FIRES – just as Batman SWINGS IN from the kitchen door-frame, KICKING the Uzi aside! It fires wild, up and away —

(off-panel right)

6) Batman delivers a powerful and precise STRAIGHT-LEG KICK, his body tilted back to line up perfectly along the line of force, delivering every foot-pound of pressure straight into the Killer’s abdomen. The Killer flies back as if his butt was tied to a speeding car, the machine pistol spinning from his hand —

7) The Killer CRASHES back into a coffee table —

The entries are listed in the order I received them. Click on the name of the artist to go to their website (to let you know if they gave me a website, I marked their name with an asterisk)!

Douglas Nelson*

Emiliyan Valev and Stanimir Valev

Mike J.C.

Gregory Woronchak*

fl33c3 bot

Noor Rahman

Slim Whitt

Eugene Argent*

Jackson Edge

Rebecca Gunter*

Till Felix*

Steve Broome*

Steven Stockton

Gerard Straker

Chris Fequiere

James David Rees

Alfredo Lopez

Dan Budge

Daniel Glassberg

Taylor Stauft

Jacobus Dixon


William Drio

Drazen Brkic


Mannix Francisco

Jason Welborn*

Alfredo Bermúdez

Reuben Hamilton II

Daniel Flores

Leigh Chalker*

Davinder Brar

Jason Book*

Gozie Morah

Ken Steven Chun

Francesco Silva

Chris Dodd

Jannick Choon Wai Teoh

Alexander Ryan*

Hughes Castonguay

Kevin Pringle

Jon Brown

Art Lenn

Dominike Stanton

Patrick H. Gómez

Alonso Nunez

Peter Fodor

Josh Strickland

Chris Caldwell

Tommy Saltz

Sebastian Jimenez

There are your choices! Now as for voting, I was just going to do a poll, but then I figured that ballots would be more accurate. So to vote, cast your ballot in the comments below. Rank your top five favorite pages (in order), numbered 1-5. Include ACBC in your comment somewhere so it will be a secret ballot. I will only count ballots that contain your top five choices. Don’t just name your favorite artist. Name your top five favorite artists (numbered 1-5). And include the codeword “ACBC” so it will not be visible to anyone but you and me.

I’ll announce the winner next Sunday!

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