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Zombies vs. Robots #10
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Ryall and Fuso conclude “War! ‘Bots!” in explosive fashion! And in a special bonus, 9-year-old progeny Lucy Ryall and artist Nico Peña contribute a one-of-a-kind ZvR tale!
Zombies vs. Robots #9
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Ryall and Fuso continue the feature-length “War! ‘Bots!” with the return of a familiar, albeit damaged, face! And another bonus ZvR prose story is included, too!
Zombies vs. Robots #8
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Artist Antonio “Cobra” Fuso joins Chris Ryall for the next big ZvR storyline, “War! ‘Bots!” The final battle for the Earth-and the moon-begins here! · All-new storyline! Great jumping-on point! …
Zombies vs. Robots #7
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“The Man on the Moon!” A special full-length, standalone tale exploring different visions of the ZvR war as well as the origin of our mystery figure from above!
Exclusive Preview | IDW’s Infestation #1
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IDW manages to find something new to do with two of comics' favorite subjects this year, with Infestation breaking new ground for both zombies and crossovers. The story that starts in Ashley Wood and Chris Ryall's Zombies Vs. Robots reality before crossing into the universes of Ghostbusters, GI Joe, Star Trek and Transformers begins this month with a first issue written by fan favorites Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with art by David Messina. Click through for a preview.