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Zenith: The Apex Edition HC
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Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition will reproduce at full size the original artwork from Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s seminal superhero story from the late 1980s. Carefully hidden away …
The Middle Ground #87 | Because you (I) demanded it!
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As it turns out, April will see the release of one of those collections that I've always wanted, but had pretty much given up all hope of ever seeing, as Nick Abadzis' Hugo Tate gets a complete collection and - hopefully - the comic world will realize what an amazing, important comic it's been missing out on for so long. But the fact that this series is finally getting re-released and just might get the attention and treatment it deserves has me thinking: What other long-vanished projects need this kind of return?
Sunday Brunch: 7/18/10
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Does anyone actually read this pre-cut text? [  ] Y [  ] N ITEM! A “Snapper52” is putting together an Exquisite Corpse webcomic, and wants your help. Can you draw? …
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With the conclusion of DC's "Final Crisis" looming on the comic book event horizon, Tim looks at three earlier Grant Morrison series that are important precursors to this mega-event. Join him as he examines how "Past is Prologue."