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The Middle Ground #74 | None More Extreme
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My first thought when learning that there was going to be a revival of Rob Liefeld's Extreme Comics line at Image was that I was an old, old man. We'd already reached the point where something so recent was old enough to have a nostalgia hook? And then I realized that we're more than a decade since the last revamp of Prophet and almost as long since the last attempt at a Glory series.
Rob Liefeld Talks Youngblood
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Rob Liefeld returns full-time to his Image series as both writer and illustrator, and spoke with CBR about what fans can expect from "Youngblood" #9, which puts President Barack Obama in the crosshairs of some very bad people.
CBR TV 2009: Rob Liefeld, Part II
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The creator of "Armageddon Now" and numerous superhero characters over the years, Rob Liefeld talks to CBR TV about his most well known project, Image Comics' "Youngblood," featuring President Barack Obama.
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