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WW Chicago Photo Parade – Part 1
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We've finally gone through all of our photos from last weekend's Wizard World Chicago and are excited to post our first set from Friday, featuring the Image Founders, the Warren Ellis chat and a handful of questionable costumes.
WW Chicago: Avatar Press
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Editor-in-Chief William Christiansen chugged Red Bull and teased 2009 at Avatar's hung-over Sunday morning congregation in Chicago, where he told fans to expect new work from Alan Moore next year.
WW Chicago: Wildstorm: World’s End
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A laid-back panel led by Wildstorm Comics editor Shannon Denton and featuring several Wildstorm creators gave WizardWorld Chicago ettendees a look ahead to the end of the world and beyond.
Remembering Michael Turner: Jeph Loeb
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Jeph Loeb often found himself working with Michael Turner, who provided the visuals for "Superman/Batman" for Supergirl's return to the DCU. Loeb shared some thoughts with CBR News about the passing of his friend.
WW Chicago: Cup O’ Bendis
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Circumcising pickles, getting backed up on "BSG" and catching heck from Jim McCann, creative whirlwind Brian Michael Bendis teased and announced and generally had a blast with Todd McFarlane's sandwiches.
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