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WC11: Frank Quitely Spotlight
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Superstar artist Frank Quitely charmed fans and answered questions ranging from the beginnings of his career, working with Grant Morrison, potential extras for the "We3" and "Flex Mentallo" collections and much more.
ECCC: Frank Quitely Spotlight
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Acclaimed Scottish penciller Frank Quitely sat down with Douglas Wolk and a room full of fans at Emerald City Comicon to discuss his past, future, and the trademark qualities of his artwork.
Show a Little Character
3 CBR Exclusives
This week, Ron Marz examines his own approach to stories and storytelling, different types of protagonists and brings along exclusive Whilce Portacio art from "Artifacts" #5.
CCI: DC Focus On Grant Morrison
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Best-selling writer of "Batman & Robin" Grant Morrison opened up about everything from his artistic inspirations to his theories on fiction while teasing news on "Sea Guy," "Multiversity," "We3" and more.