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3 CBR Exclusives
Although Jack Frost, Bloodlust and Kal-L fail to accomplish a gosh darned thing, Martin Li and Matt Murdock manage to keep their cool while Scarlett and Toshiro Ono may just be too cool for their own good in a week that wins.
3 CBR Exclusives
Why so serious, Catman? Things went well with Jack of Fables back on the farm, William Gravel catching a shower and Mark Sable doing the unthinkable, plus "Dark Reign," Lantern action and more.
WAID TV 2009: Mark Sable
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The Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios and superstar comics writer Mark Waid hosts a brand new installment of WAID TV with guest Mark Sable, writer of the new BOOM! miniseries "Unthinkable."