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Lieberman on the State of Red Sonja
3 Comic News
"Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods" writer Luke Lieberman talked with CBR News and shed some light on the warrior woman's new miniseries as well as the overall state of the Red Sonja franchise come 2010, from comics to movies.
Hounsou Makes His “Doom”
3 Comic News
Oscar nominated star Djimon Hounsou puts his support behind Dynamite's upcoming "Thulsa Doom" origin tale with word from series artist Lui Antonio, who gave CBR an exclusive preview of the interior artwork.
“Doom” Comes To Dynamite
3 Comic News
"Rex Mundi" writer Arvid Nelson preps a new series for classic Robert E. Howard villain Thulsa Doom, exploring the cult leader's anti-hero origins. CBR spoke with Nelson about "Red Sonja Presents Thulsa Doom"
Djimon Hounsou: Thulsa Doom Speaks
3 Movie News
Djimon Hounsou talked with CBR News about his new role as Thulsa Doom. The actor tells us about developing the story, inspiration from Robert E. Howard and James Earl Jones, and his fearlessness about the green screen.